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Get Ready For Female Football! Get Ready For Female Football!
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Wow! Have to start with a “wow” expression. Have you seen these ladies on the field? They are determined,... Get Ready For Female Football!

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Wow! Have to start with a “wow” expression. Have you seen these ladies on the field? They are determined, fit and goal oriented women. As a woman, I am proud to see these tough ladies take the challenge.  My question is, are you up for it? Before you make a quick decision let’s get informed about this fun sport.

American football was created in the mid-19th century and has become America´s favorite sport. In the past centuries it has been the men played game. Barely any women have played it, but this has been changing. There have been many leagues who have been formed for quite a while now.  We are seeing a more and more women´s leagues. These leagues are playing under the same rules and with the same level of intensity as the men´s game.  It is definitely a growing sport! If you don’t think so, let´s look back at some history.

female american football

The gridiron won’t just be for the men of the NFL this fall…

In recent years some women´s professional leagues have been formed, merged or just disintegrated.  Some of these: WPFL Women´s Professional Football League around 1965-1966; NWFL National Women´s Football League in 1974 than in 1988 the league separated into two different leagues, the NWFL and WTFA Women´s Tackle Football Association; in 1986 the AFVD American Football Verb and Deutschland.

Women have always wanted a chance at professional football. Slowly but surely have positioned themselves in this sport. It has been hard and not accepted by some, but has shown to be a marketable game and fun also. Most recently the WPFL Women Professional Football League formed in 1999. When this league was formed was with the idea to put two teams, the Minnesota Vixens and the Lake Michigan Minx. It was to prove how well women can play this game. The tour ended up being a success and it proved the quality of the game and how marketable it was. The league was even invited to participate in the NFL for an experience in Atlanta, playing as an exhibition during the super bowl week.

Afterwards in 2000 the league launched an 11 team league. There was a lot of controversy on the first season due to missing money, forfeiting games and players being stranded at the airports. Meanwhile another league was being formed, the WAFL Women´s Affiliated Football League, which had 14 new teams, from Tampa Bay to Hawaii and Seattle. This league was short lived, but some other teams have branched from it. It seems like there is a kept interest in the sport. Due to this it has been taken all to other countries.

Female American Football has grown and reached internationally. The IFAF International Federation of American Football and h American Football Associations, had the first Women´s World Cup in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Six countries participated: Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Sweden and United States. The United States beat Canada, 66-0.

Later on in 2013 the World Championship, was held in Finland, just a couple of days ago. The USA won again 64-0, also against Canada.

As you can see it is a sport that is becoming more and more played across the USA and in other countries. You can follow these ladies in different webpages, and why not maybe even take a trip to the closest field and watch a game. You might even want to enjoy a team or have your daughter try it out. It is a tough sport, so make sure you take all your gear, workout and try to be fit, learn the rules of the game and join a team.  Don’t you want to be a bit tough too? It might be a great way to release some stress. Imagine running against someone on an opposite team and across a field for fun, workout and competition.

Before you do though since it might be a bit tough, make sure you have some of the equipment you required: footwear, sports clothing suitable for outdoor activity, gumshield, football helmet with facecage, shoulder pads, football shirt and football pants with leg padding.

You can look for information on or just search for info on games near your location. This websites provide you information on even how to join a team.  Just remember to be prepare, first mentally and the rest will be easy.