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Get Jail Buff – Prison-Oriented Workouts Get Jail Buff – Prison-Oriented Workouts
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Yes, as weird as it may sound, “Prison oriented workouts” are effective, plus you can do them in your... Get Jail Buff – Prison-Oriented Workouts

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Yes, as weird as it may sound, “Prison oriented workouts” are effective, plus you can do them in your bedroom, living room, and the most intriguing thing about it is that you don’t have any need for workout equipment. Now, the time you spend on each one of the workouts is up to you.
Are you curious to know why these exercises are called “Prison Workouts?” It is because a prisoner in a small prison cell perform them and still obtain good strength training in with no need of equipment. Besides the full body functional workout from burpees, a prison workout can also be structured to target the upper body, lower body and core separately.
Here, let me show you exactly what I am talking about and what a prison oriented workout looks like:
Exercises that focus on your upper body

jail workouts

You don’t have to go to the Big House to get jail buff.

Tricep dips:
Place your hands on the edge of your chair or bed and dip your body toward the ground. There is a great variation of easiest to hardest ways that you can position yourself to target more specific parts of your triceps and these include:
Placing your feet on the ground with bent knees, feet on the ground with straight legs, feet up off of the ground on another piece of furniture, and one foot on another piece of furniture while the other leg is raised in the air, alternating legs.
All you need is a bar over your head to grab onto and lift yourself up. Hold the bar with both hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Cross your legs and then bring your body up with your arms.
The point you are required to reach is, chin level of the bar when you pull up. If you have not practiced these before try jumping up to the top and holding your body on top for a as much of a period of time you can withstand and in doing so, you will build the strength required to lift yourself up normally.
Another way to do an aided pull up is to cross your legs behind while supporting yourself on a chair. As you perform these, slowly try shifting all your weight onto your arms and away from your legs.
Place your body into a plank position on the floor with your toes and palms being the only part of your body touching. Next, lower your body to the floor and push up extending your arms. If you are new to this exercise, then do them with your knees on the floor and all your bodyweight on your arms.
Exercises that focus on your lower body
Squat jump: 
Technically this is the burpee without the push-up part. Squat from a standing position until your fingertips touch the floor and then come back to the top with full speed, leaving the floor and with your arms raised into the air. Land back into the squat position and repeat. You will notice that your quads will start burning quicker than you probably expected. You should stop after doing about 10 to 15 of these, or until you start to feel that your legs are about to give from underneath you.
Jump lunge: 
From a lunge position jump upward bringing both your feet off the ground at the same time and switch your stance ending in a lunge position with your other foot now in front. The speed and number of reps are up to you.
Exercises that focus on your core
Plank holds: 
Lie on your stomach; raise yourself up on your forearms and toes. Remain in this position in a flat line or plank. Make sure that you are in a straight line and that your butt is not too high in the air. Try to hold yourself in the position for at least a minute.
Variations of the exercise:
Do the same thing on each side with one forearm on the floor and the other arm straight on your body. Your body should now be resting on the side of your right foot and on your right forearm. Sustain this form for a minute. Then do the same on the other side.
Now that you have the idea of what this type of training is, get creative and make things more intense, plus fun!