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Four Minute Muscle Builders Four Minute Muscle Builders
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Here are some brutal short-timed sets for those of you who are looking to stack on mass and burn... Four Minute Muscle Builders

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

push up

Push ups are a great way to work out for four minutes.

Here are some brutal short-timed sets for those of you who are looking to stack on mass and burn fat!
Just exactly can you do within a time period of 4 minutes? Well, If you put your mind to it, you can get done more than what you think. You could read several of pages in the daily news paper, or ride your bike for miles if you are world class. But, if you want to put on some mass and get stronger, this Four-Minute Muscle Build-Up will place your time management skills to the toughest test of your life.
My point behind this Four-Minute Muscle Build-Up is simple yet brutal in its execution. For every exercise in your workout, I want you to push out as many reps as you can in four minutes. Then you move on to the next exercise for the same body part and do the same thing.
This workout plan will burn your muscles in ways you’ve never felt before while stimulating growth, shredding fat and getting yourself into the best shape of your life!
The Longer The Better
Doing as many reps as you can in a certain period is an great form to train for muscular strength endurance. This is the ability to perform a task, which in this case is, moving fairly heavy loads in the gym, and repeatedly for a longer durations with a slight decrease in muscular efficiency. After practicing this workout plan for 5 weeks, the point at which you simply can’t get another rep in, will be significantly higher for each exercise.
By training this way, you will improve your strength endurance because working your muscles to failure repeatedly puts them under a great deal of metabolic stress, and this creates waste byproducts such as lactic acid, which produces that, stuck in huge spider web, sensation when you’re about to reach failure.
With intentional training to create these waste products, you teach your body to better handle and get rid of them. This disposal process is how your strength endurance capacity raises. The better your body perform this, the longer you can perform a given movement. And the longer you can go, the more benefits you’ll obtain from your workouts.
Does Size Matter?
Doing strength endurance training, is not only designed to help you perform more reps. It is also to help you pack on size by creating mechanical stress and causing muscle damage, in which both lead to quick gains in muscular cross-sections. This workout plan also triggers the release of anabolic hormones, the ones that heal your muscles and help them in growth. It also dramatically increases both your training volume and the intensity with which you take on your workouts. In other words, you’ll train a lot harder than the usual.
Another result of it is, that you’ll burn more calories in each session and continue to burn them once you’re finished. Put together with a sound nutritional plan, this will shred fat from your body in record time. And since this is likely to be the most drastic change from your typical training regimen that you may have ever done, you’ll also experience the added benefit of shocking your muscles into growth. This is the main principle of muscle confusion, and it works.
The Hypothesis
To begin, find weights with which you can do 15 to 19 reps for each exercise listed in the following routines. Please do, follow the workouts in order, taking one preparatory week to set and record the weights you’ll use.
Work hard to be accurate and stay within the 15 to 19 rep range because these are the weights you’ll work with for the 5-week period. Remember that your ultimate goal at the end of 5 weeks is to perform 50 reps per exercise in four minutes.
The plan is to put in four minutes of total work on each move, taking a short rest period in between failure and then starting again. The selection of your weights is important because if you can’t get at least 15 reps with a given weight, you won’t even come close to 50 in 5 weeks, so it is worth repeating that you must be precise here.
Suggestions and Tricks
You should know that there two main ways to perform this Four-Minute Muscle Build-Up exercise. The first way is how most people would most likely try for 50 reps, which is by training to failure, resting, and then going to failure again, repeating this haphazard process until four minutes have elapsed. The only drawback is that there are no systematic steps leading to a raise in the number of reps you can push out. You would simply be hoping your strength endurance will improve each time.
The other far more intelligent strategy uses uniform rest periods between each set. For instance, for the first two weeks of this workout plan, rest for 20 seconds each time you hit failure, and for the next two weeks, rest 15 seconds, but for the last week, take 10 seconds between sets.
Taking rest periods that short, you’ll have an great chance of hitting 50 total reps. If you don’t obtain this on every exercise, don’t sweat it. I know you’ll still be pleased with your results, which will be bigger muscles, a surprisingly high reduction in body fat and the ability to do more reps with your usual weights on every move in the gym.
Barbell Curl
Point of Focus: Biceps
Stand straight and take hold of a loaded bar using an underhand grip, hands about shoulder-width apart. Let the bar hang in front of your thighs, and execution by keeping your elbows alongside your rib cage. Raise the bar until your forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Make sure not to rush and control your return to the start position.
Point of Focus: Triceps
Attaching a rope handle or bar to a high pulley cable and standing straight face the weight stack. Take a hold of the handle with both hands at about chest level, and execution by pushing the handle down and extending your arms until your elbows are nearly, but not fully locked out. Now, return slowly and under control to the starting point. Make sure to maintain your elbows pinned to your sides.
Push Ups
Point of Focus: Chest
Set yourself down to the push-up position with your arms closely pinned to your sides, and do as many burn outs as you can. As you advance in sets, lower your rep count by one.
Point of Focus: Back
Grab a hold onto the bar and lift your legs back crossing them one over the other. Start the exercise by doing 20 burn out reps in the first set and lowering the count by 1 as you continue to do more sets.
Point of Focus: Abs
Lie on a floor mat and place two hundred pound weights in front of the mat through which you can place your feet underneath to help keep you in place. Do 50 crunches as fast as possible, but with correct execution, and lower the count as you continue with your sets by 1.