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by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Are you one of those who has tried the gym route and failed miserably? Are you a loner, a... Fitness Personalities

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Are you one of those who has tried the gym route and failed miserably? Are you a loner, a student, a socialist, a sports guy/gal? Are you the type of person who finds group dynamics engaging and motivating? Perhaps you are someone who likes to workout all alone, away from noisy and smelly gyms?

As soon as you figure out what type of fitness personality is yours, you can start working on mapping out a new fitness routine for yourself. And before you can even realize it, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your fitness goals.

I have made a list of fitness personalities which I have palced below in order to help you figure out which one is youra and if not one of them applies to you, then at least now you have a shorter list of personalities to search through.

Private types are best suited for home workouts, but be sure you keep up your motivation!

Private types are best suited for home workouts, but be sure you keep up your motivation!

The Private type: With work and commuting becoming more about bumper to bumper chaos, some people prefer their private space. You need to set aside time for doing the things you enjoy most by yourself and especially when it comes to your workout time.

Workout type: Home workouts! Workouts mixed with cardio activities like running and swimming should be the best routine for you.

Key Ingredient: Self-motivation! If you simply want privacy, and are unable to self-motivate, then doing some time in one of the options below is a better idea.

Student type: Some people never grow out of school, which is an great  thing for health and fitness. Not too many like to follow guidelines every day, especially not after a long workday spent doing exactly that. But, if it comes naturally to you, don’t waste time with lousy structured workout routines and enroll yourself in a fitness studio’s class workouts.

Workout type: The sky’s the limit! Bootcamp, kickboxing, spinning, anything that involves one or more instructors, and a group of ‘fitness’ students.

Key Ingredient: Attendance! If you skip class, you will fall behind in learning and performance, and ultimately your fitness goals. So, stay in school as much as possible and enlighten your brain.

End Game Enthusiast type: If you can think outside the box, focus on the bigger picture, and swallow a bitter medication for a better future, then you are an end game enthusiast; which is someone who believes in doing what must and should be done. Keeping your eyes fixed on the end goal is the key to such a fitness personality.

Workout type: The gym! Strength training mixed with cardio.

Key Ingredient: A good fitness instructor! You should always make sure you get your time’s worth in workouts from an instructor who comprehends that every body is unique and has different fitness requirements.

Social type: If you like a to work in groups, meeting with people from different backgrounds, socialising while working out, then this is your exact fitness personality. And there are many things that you can do to let it become a big part of your workout.

Workout type: Dance workouts in styles like street jazz, salsa, tango, krumping, merengue, salsa etc. Yoga and aqua zumba classes can be something nice and intertaining for you.

Key Ingredient: Attendance & equipment! Most dance styles call for specific shoes, which you cannot compromise on. Also, since each class is about learning a routine and practising it, then attendance is quite important and you should not miss out.

Sports Buff type: Were you a sports enthusiast back when you were in school? Do you still crave the sports fields, and competitive spirit? For the sports buff fitness personality, no class workouts, home workouts, gym workouts, or dance workouts will ever be interesting enough, but there is always something that will do the job.

Workout type: Sports as exercise – anything from football to baseball, tennis, soccer, or volleyball.

Key Ingredients: Finding a sports partner or team! Most of the people who love playing sports for exercise often get stuck when it comes to finding people to play with. So when you find a handball partner or a basketball team, do not let them go. Treasure them and build a good friendship to become eschother’s motivation.

Hope that you were able to find the fitness personality that best fits you and if not, then I hope you continue your search and soon find it!