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by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Technology and the internet have become very important means of communication. Some of us can´t function without our cellphones... Fitness Online

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Technology and the internet have become very important means of communication. Some of us can´t function without our cellphones or computers, so what a smarter way to reach us than using them. Now you have the option or alternative to keep track and have control of your workouts using the internet. Doesn’t surprise you doesn’t it. If it does, please don’t hesitate to get inform about this topic, since it can be a very useful tool for you and better yet for workout

You can find a number of free videos, diet tips and information regarding health benefits all online. See there are no excuses for those who have access to a computer with internet. If you don’t  I am sure you have a friend that can lend you his or her computer for you to download a free program to watch at your comfort of your home at your computer or t.v.

Online fitness also offers you various applications that can also be downloaded in your cellphone that can even help you keep track of the amount of calories you eat and lose.  They also offer you innovative online videos, different daily workout videos, online tracking program to keep you motivated, the availability since you can workout anywhere at your own time with no special equipment and it´s free with NO membership fees.

So far sounds good! Lets take a closer look to this topic. Like any other fitness program is important that you choose it because is right for you. Online fitness is just another alternative you have to keep your routine going.  Might not be the best for you, but is worth learning about it, in case this is the route you will like to take to a healthier, leaner and beautiful body. It is becoming more and more popular due to its flexibility. You can´t be late and the class can be recover.

First of all, online fitness is convenient, since like I mentioned before all you need is a computer and internet to start from your home or office at any time. Just select the space where you are going to work out. If you are lucky and have the logistics to workout outdoors would be even better and an opportunity to enjoy the scenery. They are interactive and dynamic. In case you need support or have any questions, you can email your concerns and in some cases, receive an answer immediately.  They offer you video demonstrations, exercise instructions and live chats, too.

Another advantage is that is a more affordable alternative for a greater number of people since you don’t have to pay a personal trainer. Usually a personal trainer only offers fitness advice related to his or her field of expertise whereas online fitness programs offer the knowledge of numerous professionals.  These professionals can give you information on injury prevention, rehabilitation, answers to your medical questions, and motivational help.  In addition to this, they are updated, therefore provide the latest research and information regarding the fitness advances and findings.

Other reasons why online fitness might be ideally for you are that you do it at your own pace at your own time.  It is flexible. Even if you need help setting up a workout program, an online personal trainer can help you customized and enjoyable fitness routine.

Some free Web pages you can look into for more information are:

Some of these programs have a monthly fee that range from $4.99-$18.95 a month, but are considered the best programs on the market according to a 2013 fitness service comparison report:

Train With Me Online

Workouts On Demand

The Biggest Loser Club

Jillian Michaels



Changing Shape


Weight Watchers Online

Keep in mind that once you have chosen a web page, you are going to have to subscribe and provide information regarding your name, weight, height etc. The most important thing is to follow up on your routine and be constant. This is just like having a gym at home, or office. You can even workout in your hotel room when traveling. So come on, research information and get on the program. For those who love technology and are computer friendly this is a great alternative for you.