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Establishing your overall health Establishing your overall health
With the rising cost of health care, it is more important than ever to choose a healthy lifestyle... Establishing your overall health
Assessing your overall health is the first step to living a healthy lifestyle.

Assessing your overall health is the first step to living a healthy lifestyle.

With the rising cost of health care, it is more important than ever to choose a healthy lifestyle. One of the key ways to start living healthier is to assess your current health and look for ways to make it better. To do this you need to look at your overall health and not just individual parts such as your weight or blood pressure. Locating trouble spots in your overall health will help you make the changes you need to make to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Start with the body
Your body is your temple as the old saying goes and if your temple isn’t built on a strong foundation then you are likely to be unhealthy. Obesity, high blood pressure and poor circulation are just a few tell-tale signs that you are in poor health. Regular exercise, a good diet and checkups with your physician are good ways to keep you on track to maintain a healthy body.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste
Stress is today’s silent killer. If you have problems in your personal or professional life that cause stress, you will be more likely to develop health problems. Are the long hours at work worth the risk of heart attack? Will more time with your family bring more peace to your life? These are the questions you need to keep in mind if you value your health. If depression or anger are emotions you feel regularly, then taking with a mental health expert can do wonders for giving you perspective and reducing the stress that will lead to poor health.

Bad habits
Alcohol and tobacco are common habits that lead to a variety of health problems. Quitting smoking and cutting back on the booze are essential to maintaining good health. But these aren’t the only bad habits that can lead to health problems. Junk food diets and a couch potato lifestyle are equally bad habits that lead to poor health. Remember, what you put into your body is what you will get out of it in the long haul, so make wise decisions when it comes to diet, exercise and how you choose to spend your weekend evenings.

Environmental factors
Even the most health conscious person in the world can develop serious health problems in poor environments. Neighborhoods with poor air quality or contaminated drinking water are a problem for millions of people around the world. Besides these obvious environmental factors, there are also high crime rates to consider and whether there is enough good food available.

The family tree
Genetic predisposition to illness is something that we are only beginning to understand and combat. One of the most important things you can do for your health is to track the illnesses of your parent and grandparents and make adjustments to your health based on the problems they have had. If your father had a history of heart problems, for example, you probably need to exercise your heart regularly with a strong cardio workout.

If you keep a regular assessment of your health going in these areas, you will have the knowledge you need to make the decisions that will keep you healthy for all of your life.