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Easy Tips to Help You Deal with Arthritis Pain Easy Tips to Help You Deal with Arthritis Pain
As each day brings new challenges, coping with the pain and discomfort of arthritis can be overwhelming. Arthritis happens when the pressure absorbing cartilages... Easy Tips to Help You Deal with Arthritis Pain

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As each day brings new challenges, coping with the pain and discomfort of arthritis can be overwhelming. Arthritis happens when the pressure absorbing cartilages at a joint break down, exposing bones to friction. This continuous friction between bones inflames the joint and causes pain. Pain thus is the primary symptom of arthritis.  Some pains can be overpowering for some and even make one invalid. The other symptoms may include swelling, joint stiffness, heat, joint deformity, tenderness and redness of skin around a joint and limited range of motion. There are many possible arthritis triggers such as heredity, hormonal changes, obesity, heavy lifting, joint surgery, inactivity or plainly just part of the natural aging process, to name a few.  For those of you who smoke do know that smoking cigarettes will heighten the stress on connective tissues thus worsening your pains.

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Some possible ways to cope with arthritis pain can be alleviated by taking breaks between work to avoid overusing the joints.   Also avoid high impact activities like running, climbing, aerobics and jumping and opt for low impact exercises like swimming, cycling and walking.  You can also soak the painful limb in warm water and or apply heat packs or cold packs on the joint to get relief.   Massage creams, eucalyptus and menthol creams are also good for the pain.  Also by sipping a mixture of orange juice and cod liver oil or cranberry and lemon juice from time to time will also relieve the pain.  Some have even tried applying garlic paste and sandalwood paste to reduce the pain.  Of course one can take medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen to relieve pains and some have even opted by having acupuncture treatment as a means of pain relief.  You should also focus of good posture as this easily equals less stress to your joints as well as your spine.

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By losing weight you can also help in reducing the pressure off the knees as every time that you take a step the force across the hips and knees are two or three times your body weight.  So if you weigh say 150 pounds when you walk your knees and hips are taking in two or three times your body weight.  Lose those high heels if you want to avoid arthritis pains as recent studies have revealed that woman who wear high heels actually increase the twisting force at the knees thus straining the joint near the back of the kneecap and this stress will increase wear and tear and certainly lead to osteoarthritis.  Try to wear shoes that can give you sturdiness and proper support. And whatever you do try to exercise with proper shoes because you can easily overstress the joints if you work out with worn out shoes.  Aldo get plenty of sleep as your body needs this time to restore your energy so that it can manage your pains better and also helps in reducing pains and swelling.

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Foods can’t cure arthritis, but it can make the disease less painful and easier to cope with. These foods will ease your aching joints and help you lose weight as well as being overweight can cause an excess toll on your body as it has more to carry around.  Try eating foods like oily fish which are loaded with vitamin D and is a natural pain reliever,  like tuna, salmon and mackerel for example to your diet. Extra virgin olive oil is also good as 3 tablespoons of this oil acts like one-tenth of a normal dose of ibuprofen because olive oil contains the substance oleocanthal which blocks enzymes that are involved in inflammation.

With these suggestions in mind you will certainly have more control over the pains or better said lack of pain and lead you to a much more enjoyable life.