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Diet and Workout Advice For Workaholics Diet and Workout Advice For Workaholics
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Here is the common case of the workaholic. Workaholics are people who never seem to have the chance to... Diet and Workout Advice For Workaholics

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Here is the common case of the workaholic. Workaholics are people who never seem to have the chance to fully dedicate themselves to a nice workout routine, because they are stuck at work with a desk full of papers and reports to hand in. As a result of their inability to fulfill the requirements of a body who urges to be young and fit again, they start to notice an expanding waistline and an insecurity feeling of how they look starts to kick in. If you are a workaholic for whom staying fit at work has become a challenge with each passing day, don’t you worry! The time has come to try out something new and something that is sure to work for you.
Does your schedule only read: meeting, lunch meeting, and then a dinner team session (read round of drinks)? Has your membership at the gym gone to a complete waste due to the fact that you can’t make it out of work on time to go? Worry not!


Eating right and squeezing in exercise is important even for the busiest workaholic.

To start you off on the right track, a big breakfast will do you great justice. Having a big breakfast and a light lunch is good for you. Remember that in order to look good and function well through out the day, you have to eat good and healthy foods.
A nice breakfast should contain carbs such as idlis, oats or an egg white sandwich with a fruit. A glass of skimmed milk, tea or coffee. Taking on a diet such as this one in which you are consuming bits of foods through out the day, will keep your energy tank on full for a longer time.
What should you have for lunch? A bowl of salad, veggies, and roti or a whole grain sandwich should do it for you or anything else of its kind would be good. Remember, diet foods are just as good as you make them out to be. You can make them tasty as long as you don’t get out of line and turn it back into an unhealthy meal.
When eating out or going for lunch meetings, make your choice of meals grilled and not fried. You should eat a lot of salads to avoid unhealthy bingeing.
Here is a quick tip – whip up a bowl of oats with milk, add a spoonful of dry fruits to it, have an apple on the go and there you have it, the big breakfast a busy person like you needs on the go!
Now, let’s get moving! Glued to your seat at the desk for long hours is not too healthy. Studies show that it increases your risk of diabetes and other cardio-vascular diseases. Sitting for long periods of time could also make you grumpy. Yes, being at one place for a long time will do that to you! But as you already know, everything has a solution to it even if it may seem not to at the moment. In this case, the solution is to take small walks or stretch after every 90 minutes to two hours. This will help you release the tension in your body that is caused from sitting all day long. Stretching increases your blood circulation and the break will also help you give your eyes a rest. Go ahead, if you find yourself seated in front of your desk while reading this article on your desktop, get up, stretch and feel the glory of stretching those frequently used body parts. And if you use the elevator at work, ditch it! Make use of the steps, instead.
There are many things you can do to keep your body in constant movement while being at work. Instead of having the cleaning lady clean up your office, you should take it into your hands and do the cleaning yourself. Need to have some copies printed out? Take a nice walk down the hallway and have then done yourself. Want to have lunch? Forget about having the delivery guy from Pizza Hut bring your meal to your office and take a walk to eat somewhere you’d like. On the way back to work, you will find yourself taking off some fat and calories being burnt.
Sometimes we may get packed with a busy day at work and there is no time for exercising, but our bodies need not to be sitting around like a pancake flop.  Get motivated, say positive phrases to yourself like; I do have time to be healthy and I will do so. Search on the internet for some more activities that could be at your hands reach to do while stuck at work.