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Cool Facts About Your Brain Cool Facts About Your Brain
Out of all of the organs in the human body the human brain can be considered the star of the show for without it... Cool Facts About Your Brain

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Out of all of the organs in the human body the human brain can be considered the star of the show for without it you can forget it literary but really folks our brains are the most complex and yet least understood part of the human body.    For instance our nerve impulses travel as fast as 160 miles per hour whether its having lighting fast reflexes or why you can feel that pain right away when you stub your foot in some corner?

All this is due to your nerve impulses that go from your feet all the way to the top of your head.  Our brains can also hold 5 times as much information that is contained in the Encyclopedia Britannica or any encyclopedia or in electronic terms it can hold from 3 to 1,000 terabytes which basically means that you can remember everything that you ever learned, read, heard or saw in your entire lifetime if you were to live to the age of 200 years of age or more.

Your brain also uses at least 20 percent of the oxygen that enter your bloodstream.  Its interesting to note that our brain makes up around 2 percent of our body mass but yet uses up more oxygen than any other organ in our body which makes it very sensitive to our oxygen intake so try to breath deeply more often for your brains sake.

Also the brain operates on the same amount of power that powers a 10-watt light bulb even when you’re sleeping.  It has also been said by scientist that the more you consistently dream the higher your IQ will be, so get your required 8 hour please.  Your brain is also more active at night as the opposite is true here when you would think that our brains are more active during the day when we have to make a million decisions and calculations but in reality your brain come more alive when your ready to get in bed and maybe this accounts for our wonderful dreams.  The neurons in your brain also continue to grown while you sleep and throughout your life which can add a whole new dimension to the study of the brain and the illnesses that affect it.

80 percent of your brain is also water and contains loads of blood so it is very important to keep yourself hydrated at all times as this will keep your brain nice and fresh, BUT please be extremely mindful that drinking soda pop and beer do not qualify as water nor it actually contains water in any percentage and is the worst thing for your brain as it drains or better said sucks these precious nutrients from your brain and can have a deadly affect in your health future.  As powerful as your brain is it cannot feel any pain as it does not have any brain receptors and cannot feel pain, it can feel everything else but pain.  So when your head is pounding from a headache it is not your brain but the blood vessels, tissues and nerves do have lots of receptor and this is were the headaches normally originate.


To help your brain perform at its highest and most proficient you should eat foods like…

  •  Oily fish as these contain essential omega-3 fatty acids
  •   Blueberries
  •  Tomatoes
  •  Pumpkin seeds
  •   Sage
  •  Nuts

And keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 3 liters of water per day.