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Controlling stress Controlling stress
A little bit of stress can be a good motivator in helping you do your best but too much of it can affect you... Controlling stress

A little bit of stress can be a good motivator in helping you do your best but too much of it can affect you emotionally and physically. There really are many ways that one can overcome the everyday stressful situations that we encounter.  By identifying then one can win half the battle against too much stress. It can oftentimes be useful in identifying the stress points in your life by categorizing them.

Your social situation can cause stress whether it’s being low in finances, noise (neighborhood dog barking all night) living in an unsafe neighborhood, uncomfortable living conditions, pollution or a combination of all four.  Sexual and racial discrimination and or harassment can be place in this category along with an uncaring lack of social support in ones community can all take a toll on your quality of life and add on more stress.  Stress at work is another point especially now in our career driven society with some people being overworked or dissatisfied with their current job, insufficiently paid, caught up in office politics and conflicts with co-workers and boss.

Family and relationship can be another stress point if there are problems with family members, spouse, and friends.  Whether it’s your rebellious teen acting up again or perhaps a marital disagreement with your spouse or caring for an ill family member or child who has special needs all can contribute greatly to the stress factor.

Big events in our life can be stressful.  Being audited by the IRS or the death of a loved one can be strong stress points and these points can make a drastic change in our lives and one in which we must adjust.  Stress is affiliated with illness and a decrease in felling well.  People who are stressed have a larger change of getting sick. Many chronic diseases are likened with an increase in your level of stress, like diabetes, ulcers, heart attacks and arthritis to name a few.  One must find a way to lower the effects of stress points and to decrease your everyday stressful events.

The first thing in taming the stress is in knowing what the stress points are in your life.  Look at your everyday chores and activities. What would you define as stressful?  Break out a notepad and write these down. Maybe they could be a decrease in the numbers of your friends or your time with your children is too short or you’re reaching a milestone year.

After listing all these stress points think of which ones you can delete or do something about.  Feel free to chat with your best friend, spouse or family member and ask them for help in eliminating them or at least minimizing them.  Try to plan ahead next time you cook a meal for your friends, make a doctor’s visit or take your family on an outing.  On your notepad write out how the task will be accomplished and if anyone will help.  List the needs and schedule of each task then stick to the schedule.

The simple procedure of identifying and then working to lessen or even eliminate your stress points will be monumental in taking control of your life and not being a victim of stress, but a conqueror of stress.