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Choosing The Right Workout Choosing The Right Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer In this new era of fitness programs we are starting to see more and more fitness studios pop up... Choosing The Right Workout

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

In this new era of fitness programs we are starting to see more and more fitness studios pop up worldwide. Giving the public a variety of workouts to choose from. But, there is something wrong, you can not seem to figure out which workouts are best for you?

Well, why not try some merengue and kickboxing to handle that extra energy. Want to get rid of some pounds? You should start spinning and weight training. Want to gain on flexibility and core? Some yoga and zumba should do the job. Your options are endless.

That is why I’m here to help you choose from 10 easily available workouts that should have you looking good in no time and i will also explain to you why they might right for you!


Choosing the right workout requires knowing what each kind of workout is about. Zumba classes, like the one pictured above, involve a lot of aerobic dancing.


An hour of high profound zumba can burn 400 to 600 calories, while building a stronger core and touching up on your muscles also. I suggest that you add dance like movements, fun tracks to move to and you’ve got yourself a workout that you will surely enjoy. Zumba is composed of a set of high tempo aerobic and bodyweight exercises, and has progressively difficult levels for those of you who believe in pushing it to the limit in order to get the best results of a good workout.

Zumba fact:

Make sure that your progress is in movements and engagement to avoid hitting an early plateau.


If a great fat burning and body toning workout that keeps you coming back is what you are looking for, then I think kickboxing is the workout for you! Kickboxing burns approximately 800-900 calories per hour. It builds speed, agility, strength and good form through some basic moves. Moves are combined and profound to form workout routines that could even involve sparring, if you are up for it. Kickboxing is creating waves in most parts of the world in many different cities as the new get-fit-now workout routine.

Kickboxing fact: 

Be ready to sweat, a lot! Remember, that the slower you move, the lesser you workout and the fewer the calories are burnt per hour.


Mostly every gym or fitness studio now offers group-spinning classes with dedicated instructors. Often, outdoor cyclists opt for spinning in the monsoon or winter months as an alternative to outdoor cycling exercises. You should choose spinning workouts if you’re looking to build on stamina and resistance.

Spinning fact:

Be ready for a room full of sweaty people with loud music (even sometimes you may see disco lights!) and an instructor with a headset. Always pay attention to what the instructor says to get the most out of a spinning workout.

Cycling workouts: 

If it is the real deal that you want, then you do not need a gym or many different equipments to start sweating it out on a cycle. Urban cycling workouts are something you can try out. If biking through the city causes you to feel nervous, then simply go for early morning rides when the streets are empty and the air is fresh. An hour of moderate cycling can burn anything from 400 to 800 calories an hour, giving you an all around workout that will grow on you as you get used to cycling through your city’s streets.

Cycling fact:

You should invest in a good bicycle and some protective gear. Time yourself, and experiment with uphill and downhill cycling. Cities can offer you all this and more.

Skipping workouts:

If you can jump rope for 10 minutes, then the skipping workouts might help solve your problem of how to clock your daily workouts. Skipping as a cardio activity can easily be changed with bodyweight exercises for a home workout. Since it is quite demanding, skipping burns approx. 400-500 calories an hour. Of course, skipping for an hour is merely impossible for us mortal souls, but you can do 15 minute sessions spread through the day for similar outcomes.

Skipping fact: 

Target a set number of revolutions. Buy a skipping rope with an in-built counter, and set goals of 100, 200, 300, or 500 revolutions in the shortest time.

Dancing workouts:

With some studios offering everything from street jazz to salsa these days, Dancing is increasingly available to us city people. Dancing works on your core and stacks on your muscle range of motion through functional moves and maintains your heart pumping for that cardiovascular goodness. Although dancing workouts start out as low profoundness, as you advances, they get tougher and therefore burn more calories eventually.

Dancing fact:

Be sure to invest in a good pair of dancing shoes, and remember, the key is progression, so work hard to move up to higher levels.


While yoga does not support the quick loss of weight in its slower forms, it works wonders for joint flexibility, core strength and muscle tone. Forms like Iyengar yoga and Power yoga have made their presence felt in several new fitness studios that promise body-sculpting results as well. With 250-350 calories burnt per hour, yoga is a great form to stay in shape for those looking to maintain rather than lose. All you need is a yoga instructor and a yoga mat.

Yoga fact: 

Yoga also helps improve posture and breathing technique, which helps us fight our daily stress more effectively.


Simple aerobic classes focus entirely on cardiovascular exercise. This can be as profound as you want it to be. From 300 to 600 calories burnt per hour, aerobics depend on quick movements to build momentum and encourage weight loss as a by-product. A great way to avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension, aerobics class are now increasingly adding elements of resistance and strength to take their workouts further.

Aerobics fact: 

Practicing the same simple aerobics movements everyday isn’t enough. Progression in intensity is key to reaping maximum benefits from aerobic activity.

Weight training:

Weight training is a highly effective method to stay fit well into your middle to older years. As we grow older, our body’s metabolic rate lowers. Through weight training, we create more muscle and evade slow metabolism since muscle burns calories more efficiently. Choose between weight training at the gym, or buying weights and following a home workout, but weight training is one of the best practices for healthy weight management, and immunity boosting.

Weight training fact: 

The right diet, rich in essential food groups is essential for a weight-training program. You need to nourish your body to follow stringent weight training workouts.

There are many workouts to choose form, but doing some research on which one is best for you shouldn’t be that hard to get on. Take your time and try out the ones mentioned up top.