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by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Any physical activity helps you burn calories, although the exercises that help you burn the most calories are aerobics....

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Any physical activity helps you burn calories, although the exercises that help you burn the most calories are aerobics. Jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, skiing and aerobic dancing are some of the popular type of aerobic exercises.

Aerobics use most of our muscles which need oxygen to produce energy. The more time you exercise the more calories you will burn.   Aerobics will help you improve your heart performance, lungs and blood circulation.

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Group of healthy people with instructor doing aerobic exercises with step at gym.

It is also important to add to your routine some weight lifting to improve muscle toning and strength. Remember to workout with intensity so you can increase your heart and breathing rhythm.

Make sure you maintain a good posture while exercising and don’t do abrupt movements. If you feel uncomfortable or pain stop! Listen to your body and don’t pressure your body to do more than it can do at once. It is recommendable you visit a physician before you start any workout routine.

Once you have made the decision that it´s time to get in shape and lose a couple of pounds, think and analyze where you want to workout. The place of your workout is one of the most important decisions, since you have to feel comfortable. There are some cases where people either don’t go to the gym or stop going, because they don’t feel comfortable with their place of workout. They feel shy and sometimes even embarrassed to be seen by their peers. So make a wise selection. Remember you have to make this place your own, so you always feel like going back. Having settled this than continue on deciding what time is best for you.

Settling your schedule is also recommendable. Write if on your agenda, on your things to do list, since working out must be a priority. It will help you be committed. It is part of keeping healthy.  If  you can workout in the morning, I suggest you do this. A morning workout will probably keep you more committed than an afternoon or evening workout. Sometimes your day is so busy that by the time you finish work either you are too tired or you forget about a hard workout routine. Think about it better exercise as early as possible and complete this personal task.

At this point you have already made up your mind regarding place and schedule of workouts. Now you are ready to select your routine. I always suggest you start with a less intense workout and slowly continue with harder workouts. Personally I always start waking up early and start going out for a walk around my neighborhood. This helps me one, get use to waking up early and two get my mind and body be programmed for the routine. It is important you let your body and mind know that you are exercising. Don’t push your body at the beginning, because if you do, you might get tired quickly and have some soared muscles. It is important that you also get a good night sleep.

There are many exercise programs you can try. Try to combine your routine, for example. Monday go out for a 30 minute walk. As time goes by, this 30 minute walk can turn into a 15 minute walk with a 15 minute jog. Increase the speed of your workout once you feel your muscles are ready to take a harder level of difficulty. You can even add weights to your legs. On Tuesday you can choose to visit a gym or better for your pocket workout at home. The rest of the week continue with an outdoor workout and the gym.

There are many programs on line that you can download, buy programs on dvd or just watch your favorite exercise program on tv to get a home base routine. If you are a person who likes to workout in group, invite friends over or workout with your partner or other family members.  The idea is to feel motivated and to support each other, so you all can reach your goals.

Throughout my life I have experienced and have observed that any program can work for you. The success of your routine in not on the exercises, it is on you keeping up with the routine and not giving up. You also have to combine this routine with good habits of eating. They both walk hand on hand. Remember keep exercising, practice makes perfection.