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Choose The Right Workout Choose The Right Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Sometimes we start a workout routine and we are not constant and therefore do not meet our goal. Why?... Choose The Right Workout

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Sometimes we start a workout routine and we are not constant and therefore do not meet our goal. Why? Well, some of us get bored, feel it´s too hard or just lose motivation. That´s why it is important you choose the right routine to keep a set schedule and accomplish your desired body weight.  Let´s consider some ideas that might help you reconsider your workout plan.

Choosing the right exercise program, will keep you on the right track to losing weight, while keeping your body healthy, lean and beautiful.

It is important you avoid heavy duty exercises because they can cause burnout and you won´t feel like sticking up with your plan. It´s also important to start slow on your routine and as the days go by you increase the intensity of your exercises. Also, find exercises or activities that are of interest to you and that you enjoy. There´s no point in choosing exercises only to burn calories, if you are going to feel bored and lose interest after a while. With your past experiences, am pretty sure you already have an idea of what activities you like and you don’t like, so make sure you select those that keep you motivated and that you enjoy. Stay away from the ones that bore you and worst stress you out.

right workout

Testing yourself to see how tired you are after certain workouts will help you know where and when to push yourself to the next level.

In case you feel too tired, exercise for 15 minutes and stop. Evaluate if you can continue and start setting more difficult goals. The important thing is to keep the routine and have regular exercise in your life, for a better and healthier body. Don’t allow yourself to fall into dreadful and boring exercises that can lead to injury and burnout.

You might enjoy a themed marathon, a bike race for charity or playing a sport outdoors. Just be sure you have fun and  reduce some stress. Reducing calories shouldn’t be your only goal. Keeping in shape and healthy should be both top priorities.

Don’t forget the most important thing once you start working out is to keep up with the work! Keep improving and don’t stop. Your goal is to challenge yourself with activities that help your mind and body, while establishing a healthy and fun exercise routine. If you feel bored or tired of certain routine like going to the gym every morning, try walking around your neighborhood, or biking, even an early dance class, or why not a bit of yoga. Combining exercise routines will keep you motivated and will have you looking forward to the next day workout session. Stick with the routine and you will start seeing amazing changes in both your physical body and mental.

It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, as long as it makes you feel good and keeps you committed to your fitness plan.

Don’t be surprise if some days, you are the first person at the gym and other days you might just feel like going for a massage and having a relax day, but the important thing is that you got out and decide to have some kind of movement. Even if you are not having a hard core exercise routine, you still get to work your body by going out and doing relaxing activities. Remember is not only about your physical body, but also your mind and self being. These are both important to achieve a true and lasting fit body.

So forget about those tough, ruff exercises and focus on enjoying your daily swim, walk, rollerblading, salsa dance, or even just going for a sauna as ways to better your health and body and better yet, have a healthier mind set.

I recommend you include activities that help you reduce stress and help you connect your mind and body. When you do activities you enjoy you tend to keep doing them. The idea is to make it part of your life.  Once you do, you will start seeing your body losing those extra pounds you have been wanting to reduce in a faster and  in an effortless manner.

Most important keep in mind that when you combine a variety of workout routines you get to have more fun and stay motivated in your daily exercises. You will feel healthier and fit.