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Faking The O – Organic Food Fraud
by Kimberly Allen, RN With the push to eat more healthy and fears of what the long term effects of eating foods from animals that have been injected with hormones or antibiotics as well as the fertilizers and pesticides used to produce more produce the umber of people turning... Read more
Not In Your Front Yard! – Confronting Local Ordinances Over Vegetable Gardens

But for some gardeners, growing a garden in the front yard isn’t so simple. As more and more people are getting the taste for home-grown, organic vegetables, there has been a backlash by some communities to stop home owners from planting gardens in their front yards…

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Glutamine:  An Incredibly Important Conditionally Essential Amino Acid
by John Stone, Certified Personal Trainer Glutamine has been a staple supplement in the kitchen of most advanced bodybuilders and athletes alike for several years now. Like most health supplement discoveries however, Glutamine has risen to the top and then fallen from the ranks on several occasions. What was... Read more
The Very Real Ramifications of The Monsanto Protection Act

Experiencing the agony of defeat always stings, but the sting is even more painful when clearly the bad guy wins. Last week, health, environmental and family farming advocates experienced that bitter sting when President Obama signed into law the inappropriately-named Farmer Assurance Provision, which has been appropriately dubbed The Monsanto Protection Act…

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GMO Update: Whole Foods, Hawaii and Vermont

The reaction to Whole Foods announcement that they will require the products in their stores to be labeled if they contain GMOs has been about as lukewarm as the announcement itself. First of all, why five years? Products that contain GMOs already have to be labeled if they are sold overseas. (Most other countries already have label requirements or have outright bans on GMO foods.) This means that 90 percent of all products already have a packaging system ready to properly label GMO foods…

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“Honest” Coke Ad Blasts Company’s Products

The video goes on to list a variety of diseases and health problems associated with drinking Coke’s “low and no-calorie” products – kidney damage, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and rotting teeth. Then it blasts its regular products as containing “extremely high and unhealthy amounts of calories.”

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The Myths of University of Alabama, Birmingham’s “7 Myths” Study

And this brings us back to why the mainstream press would push this study – because it shares the same sponsors. Why push an agenda of health when Coca Cola says drink up and then just pop a weight loss drug made by the good folks at Glaxo? Why set realistic goals for healthy foods when you can order pre-made crash diets plans?

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The Case For Preventative Care

In the US we currently spend approximately $8,000 per person for medical care for approximately 80% of the population. While on the other side of the pond in the UK they spend less than $3,500 per person for health care for their entire population. And here’s the kicker, not only do they spend less but they get an extra year of life for their money…

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FDA Approval a Trojan Horse for Herbal Supplements?

It stands to reason that herbalists would feel vindicated after so many years of being snubbed by the FDA and looked down upon by a medical establishment that reveres pharmaceuticals as a superior treatment for patients. However, the opposite is true. FDA approval of drugs like Fulyzaq and Veregen could spell more trouble for an industry which is already under attack by regulators…

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Ready, Set, GMO: How Monsanto might trick Congress into greenlighting its agenda

The Monsanto-supported Section 733 (or as Monsanto lobbyists so Orwellianly put it – the “farmer assurance provision”) was first written as a rider for the Farm Bill, which is currently stalled in Congress. But while the country’s spending bills are taking precedence because of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that are part of the so called fiscal cliff, lobbyists for Monsanto and other GMO firms saw an opportunity to …

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