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Osteochondritis Dissecans
by Kimberly Allen, RN Osteochondritis dissecans or OCD is a relatively rare condition that affects the joints.  Though OCD can affect people at any age, it is most commonly diagnosed in young athletes. And just as in other conditions that are sports related, it has always been more common... Read more
Osgood-Schlatter Disease
by Kimberly Allen, RN Though it is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases causing knee pain in teens Osgood-Schlatter disease is not actually a disease.  It’s actually a type of overuse injury. In Osgood-Schlatter disease or OSD adolescents, especially those that are active in sports, near the beginning... Read more
Knee Injuries
by Kimberly Allen, RN Summer is over and schools are back in session and football as well as other sports are also back.  Every year  in the US 46.5 million children participate in sports.  And believe it or not 1 out of every 3 of those children participating in... Read more
Primary Biliary Cirrosis
by Kimberly Allen, RN Primary biliary cirrhosis is a chronic condition in which the bile ducts in your liver are slowly destroyed.  So far this disease has only been found in adults and is much more common in women than men.  In fact 90% of the cases are women. ... Read more
by Kimberly Allen, RN Vitiligo is a disorder in which you develop white patches on your skin.  It affects as many as 5 million Americans and 65 million people worldwide.  Vitiligo affects all races, however, it tends to be more noticeable in people with darker skin.  It usually begins... Read more
Autoimmune Disorders
by Kimberly Allen, RN According to the Autoimmune Related Disease Association or AARDA auto immune diseases affect more than 50 million people in the US.  While autoimmune diseases affect both males and females approximately 75% of those suffering with one of these diseases is women.  Autoimmune disorders are one... Read more
by Kimberly Allen ,RN Hydronephrosis means “water in the kidney”.  It is a common congenital disorder with approximately 1 out of every 500 newborns being born with the condition.  It affects boys more other than girls and so far has not been linked to any genetic factor, nor have... Read more
Erythema multiforme
by Kimberly Allen, RN Erythema multiforme is a fairly common skin disorder that generally affects children and adults between 20 to 40 years of age.  It is also more common in males than females.  It appears to affect people of all racial and ethnic groups regardless of socio economic... Read more
Tangier Disease
by Kimberly Allen, RN Tangier disease is a very rare genetic disorder that was first discovered in 1961.  It gets it’s name from the island off the coast of Virginia named Tangier island where it was discovered in a young boy and his sister.  Though it was first diagnosed... Read more
Managing IBD With Diet
by Kimberly Allen, RN “Good nutrition is one of the ways the body restores itself to health”.  People suffering with any type of inflammatory bowel disease can feel helpless at times.  However, making some adjustments in your diet as well as your lifestyle can not only help you manage... Read more