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How to Alleviate Knee Pain
By Ed Barillas Knee pain is only second to back pain among adults.  This trouble is almost always caused by osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint condition in which the cartilage that surrounds the two bones that comprise the knee joint wears down and causes painful joint on joint... Read more
Workouts for those on the go!

I’m in sales so I do have the opportunity to travel quiet a bit. Some trips I find it easier to fit my workouts in and remain on the healthy regime and others it’s literally a pain; however it’s never impossible…

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Synthetic and Bioidentical Teststerone

This concern over synthetic testosterone fueled those companies that popularized the concept of bio-identical testosterone, which is based only out of plant products…

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Maximize your Delts

Shoulders are a tricky body part to train. Since you have three deltoids, most people feel the need to do 2-3 exercises for each one…

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The Making of a Man

People take the word man too lightly nowadays. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “Man” I think of a someone strong, of honor, and shredded to the bone…

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Five Underrated Movements

Many gym rats will determine a man’s strength by asking “How much can you bench?” If this was the measure of a man we would all be in trouble …

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Dr Gary Bellman, M.D.
Dr Gary Bellman, M.D., is a Board Certified Urologist, interested in Testosterone replacement and men’s heath. He went to medical school and urology residency at McGill University, did a fellowship at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and has taught at UCLA for many years. He is currently is private... Read more
Positive vibes for feeling great

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a believer in karma! I receive a lot of feedback through my social networks about my attitude and how positive I am. The question is -why?

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Don’t Blame Testosterone for Prostate Cancer

For many years we were concerned about giving men testosterone. The basis of this concern was that testosterone contributed to the development of prostate cancer. One piece of ‘evidence’ that testosterone causes prostate cancer was from the fact that eunuchs never developed prostate cancer.

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