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Three principles of Asana

Asana practice is a never-ending journey towards the pinnacle of strength, flexibility, and grace. Over the years one seeks to gain mastery over the multitude of subtle techniques and details which give rise to a beautiful, seamless, poised practice, constantly observing every position and movement of the body with an eye towards greater ease…

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A meditation on meditation

I believe that adopting a sitting meditation practice into one’s daily routine is one of the healthiest decisions a person can make. Whether you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level or just seeking to improve your overall quality of being, taking a few moments a day to be still and observe the breath has the potential to bestow incredible benefits upon your life…

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Yoga basics you should know

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit term “yuj,” meaning to yolk, to join, to unite. In practicing yoga we aim to unite the powers of the mind and body and eventually to unite the self with the external world. Another way to put it is that we seek harmony…

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Understanding Vinyasa vs. Hatha Yoga

Today’s yoga studios abound with class options, many of which are identified by outlandish names that may perplex and overwhelm the aspiring practitioner. Our yoga of the twenty first century is not the same rigidly interpreted science that Patanjali laid out thousands of years ago in the Yoga Sutras…

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