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Natasha Lowe Photos- Health and Fitness Talk Model and Solid Muscle Athlete
Natasha has overcome many challenges in her life, and getting fit was surprisingly one of them – not that anyone would notice by looking at the beautiful, brunette woman who aspires to be a fitness model, outdoor enthusiast and the best mom she can be. Natasha goes on to... Read more
A No Excuse 15 Minute Workout

If you’re like me, in the past I have always thought that you had to put in hours at the gym to be able to get a good workout in. Remember my first article about how I became inspired by my father and brothers? Well one of my brothers actually trains in MMA and recently put me through one of their workouts…

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Spring hikes lead to bikini summers

Bikinis, bikinis, and more bikinis! If this last winter you’ve been hibernating in your clothes and not staying active during winter, the last thing you want to do is go out in front of people with a swimsuit on. You want to cover up. Am I right? …

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