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Energy and The Magnesium Connection
by Michelle LeSueur, BEP, CNC, CSN, CPT How many of you eat healthy and exercise regularly but find that your energy levels are low?  You know you’re not doing the blood sugar yo-yo, so what could it be?  Those that have been avid sugar eaters in the past probably... Read more
A Breakfast For Balanced Energy
by Michelle LeSueur BeP, CNC, CSN, CPT Do you find that you have that mid afternoon energy slump?  For some of you it may be more than one time a day.  Many times this happens because of how you started your day and what you ate through the day.... Read more
The Sweet Benefits of Kicking Sugar Addiction
by Michelle LeSueur BeP, CNC, CSN, CPT Are you someone that has to have something sweet everyday?  Do you find that you crave it all the time?  Today many people struggle with addiction to sugar.  In the US, the average American consumes 160 lbs of sugar without even realizing... Read more