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The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners!
by Ed Barillas- Staff Writer An artificial sweetener is a sugar substitute that imitates the taste of sugar with a lot less food energy with many more times the sweetness of sucrose.  The problem is that with all the additives that artificial sweeteners have it has been known to... Read more
Prevent Cancer with Popcorn!
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Have you ever thought of fighting diseases like heart disease, cancer and even slowing down aging with popcorn?  Well, pop away.  Popcorn contains polyphenois which are antioxidants that help rid the body of free radicals.  Popcorn is also full of fibers and has a... Read more
Fun And Interesting Fitness and Health Facts
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Learning to care for your fitness and health is not all about serious scientific facts, studies and reading long boring articles but should be taken with a very large grain of fun.  The following are some interesting health facts that should keep you on... Read more
Easy Ways to Ease Gas and Bloating
  By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Feeling bloated lately?  Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed at times from bloating and gas?  This effect is caused by an abnormal swelling and or increase in the diameter of the abdominal area and is triggered by a person dietary ingestion... Read more
Fresh Drinks that can Get Your Day Started Right!
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer-   In today’s world with millions of fancy colored drink ads everywhere you look featuring cold and refreshing drinks (but really are laden with chemicals that can damage and are damaging your internal organs and causing loads of diseases) its hard to know whats... Read more
Healthy Valentines Gift Ideas
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Valentine’s Day is here and getting that perfect gift for your partner can make all the difference in the quality of the entire day.  So indulge your special loved one to a gift that will not only be from the heart but also good... Read more
Calories And Mood
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Did you know that your calorie intake can have a serious influence on your mood and overall health?  The amount of calories that you ingest can seriously affect your mood as you trigger physiological processes in your body that will cause sadness and depression.... Read more
Tips For Diabetics
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Diabetes has an effect on more than 23 million Americans with 90 % of them having type 2 diabetes.  Diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of disease in men and women 2007.  So any tips and advice... Read more
Prevent Heart Disease
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer preventing it by following some simple suggestions and by adopting a healthy lifestyle you can help yourself considerably regardless of past family history, age or sex. Do not smoke or use tobacco. Smoking is one of the primary risk factors in developing cardiovascular disease.... Read more
New Years Resolutions to Join the Gym
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer There are over one million reasons why not to join a gym, with some of them being the cost simply not being organized enough to fit it into your daily schedule. And now with the overabundance of readymade, high in fat, fast foods  and... Read more