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Bored With Your Routine? Try New Ideas Bored With Your Routine? Try New Ideas
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Every day is a good day to start that workout routine you have been talking about . You talk... Bored With Your Routine? Try New Ideas

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Every day is a good day to start that workout routine you have been talking about . You talk about starting to work out and you don’t . Researching and brainstorming ideas can be a first step on finding out what is the routine for your body type. This exercise routine should also be of interest to you, that way you don’t get bored and you keep with the routine. Pick something you love doing, that makes you feel good while exercising.

After giving you some ideas, you can start that so waited routine. Explore into your fitness habits, discover new desires and set new goals. Is never too late to start working out, just make sure you do it and make it a habit.

new workouts, hula hooping

Mixing in fun workouts like hula hooping can keep you from getting bored with exercising.

Keeping  fit is just part of the plan along with a diet to lose weight.  It will help you keep good health and the body shape you want. Therefore here are some ideas to help you with your plan.

First understand that exercise is not only run and sweat, any physical movement or activity counts as exercise!

If you are one of those people who prefer to workout indoors our outdoors, a 10 minute walk, twice a week, is an excellent way to start your routine. I usually start this way as a first step, once your body gets  use to it and you have made it part of your schedule than you can invest in a gym. Sometimes we get too excited, join the gym and a couple of days later, we stop going.   It is also recommendable for people who feel uncomfortable going to the gym. Don’t worry, just go out for a walk around your neighborhood. You can also buy or rent exercise videos and try them , so you can see what videos do you enjoy. Other great ways to have some activity going, is doing shores around your house, such as gardening, which will also help you reduce some stress.

After your daily routine, you can invest on a nice massage that will make you feel even more relaxed or you can sit in a Jacuzzi, sauna or just finish with a nice, sensual bubble bath.  They are good ways to get in touch with your body. A facial is also a good way to also connect with your body and mental being. Some people just work hard their bodies and forget to pamper it. Remember to make your body work hard, but also give it some pleasure.

When you feel tough or that you want more of a physical challenge, try some dancing even consider some martial arts, like karate, tai-chi, kickboxing, taekwondo or you can try some bowling.  Keep in mind  that you should pick activities that you enjoy and don’t do them for more than what you enjoy. For example, don’t force yourself to play more than two games of volleyball, or three games of bowling if you feel like only playing once. Remember your goal is to keep up with the routine and make yourself healthier and fitter.

If you are a person who loves more team sports because of the combination of exercise and meeting or hanging out with friends and family you can try entry level team activities. Even mall walking groups can be a good activity for you. On the other hand, if you don’t enjoy group activities, like I mentioned before take a walk, or jog for a few minutes during the week. Do some jumping jacks, sit ups or push ups, combined with stretches preferably during the morning  before you go to work. Jump rope with your kids or on your own. A Hula Hoop can also be a fun way to exercise.

Dance, tai chi, yoga, biking, swimming, horseback riding or even a regular game of Frisbee with your dog can be enjoyable for you.

Above all, try to focus, on enjoying the activity you have selected. I recommend to combine it with a massage, will make you feel so good after a workout or even a long day of work. It will put you on the right mind set. If you are enrolled in a gym, don’t feel you have to do hard, strenuous workouts every time you go. Occasionally just go for enjoyment of stretching for several minutes and then take a Jacuzzi, steam, mud bath or sauna. You´ll reconnect with your body and let it feel some mental and physical pleasure. Like I said workout hard, but also spoil your body.