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by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Boot camps have grown by the dozen and the same old tough boring routine is still being used to...

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Boot camps have grown by the dozen and the same old tough boring routine is still being used to get that total workout result that you urge to see in your body, but you don’t need to continue with it any longer!
Remember that “Drop and give me twenty!?” Now, it hardly has the impact it once did. I think it is time for something different, something more challenging and inspiring. I think it is time to tell that old grouchy, stinky, and loud drill sergeant to take a hike and do something different. This is an activity that will keep you motivated, so why not try it out. As difficult as it might seem you won’t know if it is the right program for you until you give it a try.

circuit of change

New York residents in a group mind/body bootcamp called Circuit of Change.

For those craving a mental cleansing as much as a physical one, the bootcamp programs like Circuit of Change in New York can be the right fitness for you. This is an unbeatable sweat-producing, pound-melting, multi-sport workout, without all the shouting and screaming. Classes begin with breathing sequences and Vinyasa postures, followed by heart-racing cardio (running, jumping, dancing), ab exercises, and kickboxing. While the hourlong classes are certainly exhausting, you are sure to get the right workout you need.
There are different combination programs of this new fitness trend and you are bound to love anyone of them once you try it out, but there is nothing like this one.
Brian Delmonico, a former All American Big Ten Champion Gymnast, Ironman triathlete, and Muay Thai martial artist from New York City, put his distinctive training to use by coming up with his own exercise method, called Circuit of Change. His routine puts together yoga, meditation, and interval training including boxing, kick-boxing, and plyometrics. In an hour span of time, he guides participants through a series of moves, expertly raising and lowering heart rates while keeping minds and spirits hooked on not only the action but each participants’s intentions as well.
Circuit of Change is a program that mixes yoga and martial arts. And even though yoga and martial arts isn’t the most common of combinations a program could mix up for a great exercise, but after trying it out, you’ll be jabbing, kicking, and downward dogging to a new tune.
Participants who are quite out of shape may have a difficult time keeping up with the fast pace, but if you’re moderately active and have a basic knowledge of yoga, you’ll quickly adapt to the rhythm of the workout.
The program demands as much out of a participant as the participant is willing to put in, and if they commit fully, they will sweat profusely, workout every major muscle group in their body, and see results quickly. This program is created to meet your special needs, and guaranteed to get you lean and mean. The program has shown many results, and various achievement stories. So, don’t let the word “bootcamp” frighten you away. The program is just as fun going as it is intense.
Keeping the muscles guessing, participants avoid hitting the fitness plateau, and are frequently challenged no matter their knowledge of the program or stamina. Delmonico’s class can’t be considered to be any other bootcamp, because it’s simply so much more. Yea, students sure do leave the hour long class drenched in sweat and pushed past their breaking point, but with his uplifting and motivating behavior, it’s all a piece of cake to smile through the kick boxing combinations, happily take a hold of the multiple bicycle crunches, and leave inspired to take on your day, while vibrating on a new and positive frequency.
What is the cost of this program?
The cost is as low as $35 for a one-week trial, and $27 for a one-hour class. Other programs might range in prices, but I’m sure they are not expensive.
Circuit of Change is the program you need to kill two birds with one stone when you don’t have time for doing separate yoga and running exercises. It is an energy boosting yet calming practice that reminds you of your own ability to transform not only your body but also your mind.
I encourage you to try it out and give yourself a great chance at getting fit and putting your mind at ease.