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Boost your Health with the SUN Boost your Health with the SUN
Getting the proper amount of sunlight can make all the difference in your health, fitness and peace of mind and knowing more about the... Boost your Health with the SUN

picture of young beautiful woman on blooming sunflower field in summer

Getting the proper amount of sunlight can make all the difference in your health, fitness and peace of mind and knowing more about the direct benefits from the sun will help and lead you along a much healthier lifestyle.

First off a moderate tan will actually be good for you as a tanned skin is more resistant to infections and direct sun-rays have been shown to strengthen ones immune system.  Take it easy on that sunblock as well as it alone contains hundreds of harmful toxins.

picture of sunny snowy day

The rays are also useful for ones complexion as exposure to the sun can give the skin a healthy and bright look.  The sunlight also kills harmful microbes and this is why you see lots of people putting out large blankets, carpets and pillows that cannot be washed regularly.  Your morals and mood will certainly improve due to the sun and is very useful in cases of severe depression because the sun stimulates the synthesis of endorphins in your body. This alone is wonderful news for those suffering from the winter blues during these dark overcast and cold days before us.   Those suffering from insomnia will be thankful to hear that the sun can also cure this as continuous daytime exposure will aid in the increase of melatonin during the night and as we all well know that this particular hormone is what helps ones sleep to be regulated.

picture of hands in heart loving sign towards sun

If you’re looking for a lot of free Vitamin D go outside on a sunny day as your own skin manufactures it on its own and is what makes calcium absorption happen and thus gives you strong bones as well.  Those suffering from osteoporosis should pay careful attention to this and go out and get some sun.

Sunlight is also useful boosting ones immunity to the development of cancer and daily and constant exposure will help prevent and treat those with lymphomas, breast, colon and leukemia.  Your blood circulation will also improve and thus aid and strengthen your heart, bring your levels of cholesterol down and even help those with diabetes.picture of sunflower

As we well see the sun can have a long and lasting health impact in your life and you should take advantage of this everyday that you see the sun peeping through those windows, you will only have yourself to thank many and hopefully many years later.