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Bodybuilding Training At Home Bodybuilding Training At Home
Plenty of people out there are concerned about going to a gym to begin their bodybuilding routine for whatever reason and lose essential time... Bodybuilding Training At Home

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Plenty of people out there are concerned about going to a gym to begin their bodybuilding routine for whatever reason and lose essential time in developing a workout routine and opt for working out at home and as a matter of fact, to this day, most of my bodybuilding workouts actually are done at home with just some dumbbells and a barbell. It’s great how training at home can lighten your body-weight, can make you focus on the muscle instead of using a fancy machine at the gym perhaps without focusing on the contraction.
Even if you don’t have weights, you can begin with great exercises like push-ups which can be done against the wall if you don’t have the strength to do them on the floor, wide stance squats, lunges, one legged calf raises, crunches, and leg raises can also be included in your regime. If you use either a bible or dictionary for resistance or a gallon of water you may also do one arm rows for the back, lateral raises for the shoulders, and triceps kickbacks for the back of the arms. Thus your routine will look something like this:

1- Chest: Push-ups
2- Back: One Arm Rows
3- Shoulders: Lateral Raises
4- Biceps: Curls
5- Triceps: Triceps Kickbacks
6- Quadriceps: Wide Stance Squats
7- Glutes/Hamstrings: Lunges (pressing with heel)
8- Calves: One Legged Calf Raises
9- Abs: Crunches
10- Abs: Leg Raises

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Since you are just getting started, start off with 2 sets of 10-20 repetitions focusing on perfect form and keep the rest to 30 seconds in between sets and do the workout 2-3 times a week. Be sure to also do some walking on your off days for 30 minutes to start as this will get your body to start changing and adapting.

Its good to note that this training is what creates the spark that prompts your body to change and when combined with a proper and nutritional diet will help you to lose fat while building muscle tone and without following the proper diet your dreams of having a lean and sexy body will never be realized and stay only a dream.  As you get more advanced I really suggest that you invest in a pair of safe adjustable dumbbells and a barbell set as that small investment will pay dividends by allowing you to do a wider variety of exercises.
Remember that when it comes to looking for ways to shape your body as well as increasing strength, bodybuilding tops the lists and if you can do most of it at home you can save yourself a ton of cash and invest that money in equipment, nutritional foods etc. An ultimate muscle building system, Bodybuilding reduces stress levels and teaches you to eat healthier as all you need is a will to maintain a strict fitness schedule and a passionate motivation to transform yourself from being lean to being fit and hot. For beginners, however, there are certain things that one should keep into consideration before taking a step ahead as the first thing that one needs to realize is that he/she is a beginner and that there can be no comparison with professional body builders, at this stage.
You can train like a champ at home and receive all the benefits thereof so good luck and happy training.picture of fitness model