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Best Food For Good Fitness Best Food For Good Fitness
Remember that you are what you eat and what you eat throughout the day can have a great effect on the outcome of your... Best Food For Good Fitness

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Remember that you are what you eat and what you eat throughout the day can have a great effect on the outcome of your workout and the results that you get from it.  In order to get that lighting quick speed, those thunderous arms and concrete hard abs you should make each and every single bite in what you eat count and this basically signifies that you should base your diet around the most essential, muscle growing, immune system building, disease fighting and nutrient foods around.

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To start with go with turkey breast is high in selenium vitamin B, zinc and has loads of great amino acids and very low levels of fats.   The fats that they do have are the good fats that your body needs so keep that skin on the meat as the skin contains loads of nutrition. Its best to cook a turkey twice per week as you can make a huge variety of nutritious meals using the meat and bones.

If you combine this with olive oil then you are getting twice the nutrition.

Olive oil is potent in saturated fats (good fats) and it has been known that you can reduce your chances of heart disease and stroke.  It can also help in reducing inflammation and pain and can be just if not more effective than those over the counter pain pills and you can even use it to dress your salads up.

For those bean lovers black beans contain over 225 calories per cup and they can help greatly in making you feel energized and staying full.  These little black beans are super high in fiber and that is what makes your stomach swell up and makes you feel full.  They are also filled with lovely carbs that will take your body a long time to turn into energy just like protein packed meat.  Its not only black beans but basically any type and color bean that will give you that extra edge to give your workout that extra natural zing that you need and all said and done beans contain more fiber per serving that any other member of the vegetable family.

Green tea can also do wonders for your workout as this cancer preventive and treatment drink can also clean your system out and is also super high in antioxidants.

Avocados are great cholesterol monounsaturated fat lowering fruits that can keep your body strong and building.  Just a few slices of avocados per day can give a woman good fats to turn into energy.

Bananas are wonderful for workouts as the sodium is the principal enemy behind cramps so you not only need to get sodium into you but also fluids and energizing carbs.  One large banana can contains as much as 400 mgs. of potassium and as many carbs as two slices of whole wheat bread.

Berries of any kind will do wonders for your workout as well as this fruit has just been placed on the super foods riches in antioxidants and just eating a handful of these per day dry or fresh can give you a ton of potent and essential nutrients which will protect your muscles from free radicals that can damage your muscle and body.  Remember that the darker the berry the better that it will be for you.

Eggs are great as well as only one egg per day can supply over 200 mgs. of cholesterol and the yolk is a great source of iron, and is packed with locithin which is important for brain health.

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Keep these things in mind the next time your looking for natural foods to give you the energy that you will need to make that next workout the nest one yet.