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Beach Workouts Beach Workouts
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer The beach, a nice beautiful place to start a morning workout or why not a late afternoon workout at... Beach Workouts

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

The beach, a nice beautiful place to start a morning workout or why not a late afternoon workout at the end of your day.  It can be a workout as early as the sun comes out or when the sun goes down. Depends on your preference.  Once you have decided on your time of workout is important to know what exercises to do at the beach. There are many activities  you can do at the beach while you also get some health benefits. You get to enjoy fresh air, the sounds of the waves and the birds.

You can take advantage of the beach surroundings such as the sand and water. They both give you a harder level of difficulty making it more challengeable helping you burn more calories and give all your body an excellent workout.

It is important you always start with a good warm up, by stretching for at least 30 seconds your legs, arms, neck, hands. Stretching is imperative to do; it reduces the risk of hurting your muscles. You can warm up by walking or sand jogging for at least five minutes.  Once you finish your warm up you are ready to start a great beach workout.

After you have warmed up you can do:  beach workouts

-10 sit-ups which you can to back to the water so you have a decline for added difficulty and help you improve your resistance.

-With your feet apart, lower yourself into a squat position and jump forward. These are called sand squat jumps, which you can do for a 30-40 yards distance.

-Continue with 10 push-ups, trying to touch your nose to the sand.

You can also try sprint, a water jog, jumping jacks or only go for a swim. If you decide to sprint you try to run as quickly as you can for 30-40 yards; a water jog just walk into the water until it is as high as you choose. Also jog for 30-40 yards; you can swim for 30-40 yards. Swimming will give you a great workout.  It´s an all around body workout.

As you have read there are many different exercises that you can do while enjoying a day at the beach.  You can even play volleyball if decide to play in teams with family or friends allowing you to share quality time. Remember exercise isn´t just about your body, but also a way to improve your mind and emotions. Researchers at the University of Plymouth have found that all outdoor locations are associated with positive feelings of enjoyment, calmness and refreshment.

Working out outdoors is also a good way to get some sunshine and work on your tan adding a bit of vitamin D to your body.  The sun is a good source of vitamin D. Exercising outside is much nicer than stuffy, packed gyms. Let’s not forget the low cost of working out at the beach. You might only have to spend on travelling to and from the beach and possibly parking. You can also take advantage of being close enough to the beach by walking, jogging, cycling or even skating there. Another benefit is that the beach dosen’t close, well except for private beaches. For most part it is opened to all public 24 hours a day. You get to have a safe amount of space and privacy if you are shy about training and sufficient light, so you can train at the time you choose. There is always a private space for you, even on the busiest beaches.

Working out at the beach also helps you burn more calories due to the added elements of resistance and instability of the sand and water. You will burn more calories than you are if doing the same exercises at a gym or at home. It will also increase your core strength and help you prevent injuries. Finally the let´s not forget to mention that it’s just more fun. You have seen there are plenty of exercises to choose from, which means you won´t be bored. You can have a fun day at the beach while working out and making new friends. A combine routine will help you keep having fun!