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Be Motivated and Make Your Workout a Priority Be Motivated and Make Your Workout a Priority
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Sometimes it may seems like making exercise a part of our daily living is something hard to do, but... Be Motivated and Make Your Workout a Priority

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Sometimes it may seems like making exercise a part of our daily living is something hard to do, but is it really that tough? Have you really attempted to do everything there is to get where you should be in fitness… made every effort…gone head first into that brick wall? Ha, ha, ha, just messing with you! I don’t think going head first into a brick wall will fit so good into your workout routine.

Sometimes we have the idea that exercise and fitness has to be a routine. Something unwanted, almost like a bowl of spinach being placed at the dinner table by grandma. Which by the way really healthy for you.

We all have a moment in which we experience different problems that may take away from that initial enthusiasm. Some may say; “I’ll start with my workout routine tomorrow,” but then some important meeting pops up at work and you are required to fill-in an overtime shift that has no debate to it. That really would set anyone back on enthusiasm.

workout motivation

Train your mind to be motivated to workout and your body will follow.

I have come up with a few tricks that will give you the solution for the daily issues that keep you from exercising and to also help you keep up that enthusiasm. Why don’t you take a look at these practical ways to make exercise a part of your daily life routines. Watch how soon you will become a dedicated fitness fan just like many others have:

Exercise should be a priority:

Exercise can not and should not be a case of the, “should I’s or should I not’s,” in your daily life routine. Exercise does not only help you in managing your weight. It also brings you a healthier lifestyle in the truest sense of the term.

Most people tend to lose focus in working out, especially when family members, friends, or co-workers insist in you needing to take a break for a night out or for some other activity that does not have anything to do with your body’s fitness. But, you should always answer with a firm, no and period.

Commitment to another: 

When making a commitment to someone else, we tend to keep that vow in order to avoid causing disappointment. For example, if you have agreed to go on early morning runs with a neighborhood friend before having breakfast, there is a slight chance that you will let him down. You should add to this social setting more exercises and places to carry them out as you go along. The more you get involved with the people and the routines of your workout universe, the more you will miss it whenever you decide skip a day or two of exercise.

Suitable exercise time:

You don’t have enough time to workout through-out the day? Your must do seem to get the majority of your time? Place all excuses aside by getting up just an hour earlier than what you usually do each morning. Not a morning person? Then look forward to getting it done in the evening. If that is not possible, then forward to doing so during your lunch hour. If it is still not possible, then you should take a long hard look at what your priorities are. If health and fitness are at the top of your priority list, as they should be, then concentrate on setting aside some time for exercise. But, as we all know, you need to be ready with a solution before you set your mind to solving any problem.

Familiarize with progress indicators:

When you start to fit into clothes you had long hung up in the closet, it projects a feeling of a huge accomplishment. It is not just because you now fit back into them, but because you’re taking care of your body and health. It is like feeling the improvement of lifting heavier weights without getting exhausted. Not just in exercise progress, but also in your body’s muscle structure and boosted capacity to take on exercise routines that before seemed difficult.

Other positive indicators:

You start to notice improved levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, , and blood sugars.

You sleep better, deeper and for longer periods of time.

You walk about your day with more energy than ever before.

Your muscles don’t ache when you take on lifting heavy objects or staying on your feet all day through a long day of work.

It is known that making behavioral changes in order to start an exercise is kind of hard, but once you get to it, the rewards are great in the long run. Rewarding yourself weekly with a portion of a healthy dessert, or some activity like going out to the a movies, having dinner with friends and socializing are all active motivation strategies that will help stay on track.

After it is all said and done, in the end, you are the one in charge of making your own balance between your fitness routine and other priorities. Take your time  to analyze yourself and find what things motivate you to continue on with daily fitness.