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Basketball Drills Basketball Drills
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer If you are a basketball fan, you are going to like this fun and catchy technique that uses this... Basketball Drills

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

If you are a basketball fan, you are going to like this fun and catchy technique that uses this sport to get you feeling a good burn of calories, increase in stamina, and a great cardiovascular workout. This might be a little different than the usual basketball drills you are used to seeing inplemanted in basketball teams. But, I’m sure this innovating drill is what will workout for you. It is not to become a pro-basketball player that we are looking forward to getting done, but what we are looking for is to become as fit and lean as the greatest stars from the NBA.

basketball drills

Using a basketball court for cardio workouts is a great way to get in shape and be game ready!

Are you curious enough yet? Here is how it works: Use the outline of a basketball court (or a similarly sized court) to perform the three fat-burning drills below:
Sprints (5): Sprint from one end of the court to the other, running forward and then jogging back backwards. Repeat 5 times total.
Lateral hops (30): Jump over and then back along the full court line, facing forward the whole time. Do 30 hops total (1-2 lengths of the court)
Side shuffles (6): Do side shuffles the full distance of the court and back,. Repeat 6 times total.
The entire workout should take about 15 minutes and will have you sweating buckets!
But don’t worry, you will soon recover and want some more. The key is not to get comfortable once your body gets used to the routine and icrease the reps to bring out the best in you.
What are the health and fitness benefits of this drill? Regardless of the fitness level or age, it offers physical and mental health benefits. Basketball is also an aerobic workout. Shooting, dribbling, passing, and running make basketball a real calorie burner. Up to 700 calories can be burnt by spending an hour in practicing the drill.

A cardiovascular workout 
Basketball is a wonderful cardiovascular workout due to all of the running and jumping that it requires for you to carry out the drill. This works the heart and lungs. With blood pumping and breathing accelerated, you improve heart health, stamina, and lung health.
Experts agree that basketball is a multidirectional sport. As you change directions, the sport allows you to exercise your joints and muscles. Giving you a complete workout. Shooting “hoops” improves your strengthen and flexibility and with increased strength and flexibility comes increased speed and agility.
Improvement in coordination
Being that basketball is an all body sport you will find your legs, feet, hands, arms, eyes, and head in constant motion. As your skills improve, your overall coordination improves and with improved coordination comes better posture.
Mental health benefits
Work, studies, and even family can become stressful and therefore cause an impact on your mental and physical health. While stress may always be a part of life, there are easy ways to reduce your level of stress. Often recommendedby doctors, exercise is a way for their patients to manage with stress. So, choosing basketball as your stress management program can be the greatest choice for you. For players who really enjoy basketball it can be relaxing for them. The intensity of physical activity associated with basketball are also a great stress destroyer, being that this type of workout causes the body to produce endorphins that leave the body and mind feeling at ease.
Let alone basketball can really be a great booster of confidence. You don’t have to be Olympic champion or pro athlete to be proud of your achievments on the court. This basketball drill workout comes with its own levels of accomplishments. That first basket shot makes us feel good. And as confidence grows, other things in life become easier and obstacles become less insurmountable.
Whether you are going out for a quick run through the park or walk, this basketball drill has much to offer you that it wouldn’t be a burden to carry along a basketball on your next trip through the park. This way you can mix up your routine with a quick drill.  As you continue to put this practice into action more often, the benefits it has to offer become more profound. with increased intensity, frequency, and duration, you are more than sure to get the job done. As with any form of aerobic, strength, and cardiovascular exercise, practicing this basketball drill can have other greater life improving benefits such as improved circulation, greater life expectancy, reduced the risk for depression, diabetes and cancer.
So, if your looking for a longer, happier, healthier, and fit life, shoot for the three pointers and feel proud!