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Asian Food Best For Weight Loss Asian Food Best For Weight Loss
  Asian foods have always been a great take out idea or dining idea but turning it into a daily diet choice with its... Asian Food Best For Weight Loss
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Top Asian foods are brown rice, tofu, miso, kanten and shirataki noodle


Asian foods have always been a great take out idea or dining idea but turning it into a daily diet choice with its fresh vegetables, seaweed, fruits and fresh meats and fish with its healthy oils can make all the difference in your weight loss efforts and give you life longevity and good health.  Asian cooks use various healthy ways to cook their food such as steaming, boiling, stir frying (which used less oil) as well as fermentation and other ways to preserve and bring out the nutrients in the foods.  Top Asian foods are brown rice, tofu, miso, kanten and shirataki noodles and aside from the capabilities to reduce weight they are also highly effective in keeping you healthy.  All these foods are part of the traditional Asian diet but has now come under attack from “modern” diet plans no forced on the Asian culture.
The increase of high rates of cancer, obesity and chronic diseases has shot up since the introduction of “Americanized foods” to the Asian culture and many who had no problems before this are now suffering the deadly effects of these “Americanized foods”.
The following are some traditional Asian foods that can get you and keep you on the right health track and add many healthy years to your life.

Brown rice is a great low calorie starch food and is low in saturated fats, calories, sodium and cholesterol which makes it great for those looking to shed those unwanted pounds and is loaded with lots of energy.  Brown rice mixed with other healthy foods can give you a great sense of fullness since its packed with loads of calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B and K, iron and manganese. This great food will lower your risk of many cancers and increase natural sugar blood levels, cure constipation and diarrhea and even cure your ulcers.

Tofu is a wonderful substitute for meat as it is made from the curd of soybean milk and is a mainstream ingredient in many asian dishes across the asian continent.  It is also low in calories, sodium and saturated fats but high in protein which makes it a great carnal source for those looking to lose weight.  This tofu also promotes a healthy prostate, bone and heart health and is a great source of energy and awesome for developing strong muscles.   It can be enjoyed best my grilling, baking, sautéing or mixing up with veggies.
Agar is a seaweed which is great in suppressing the appetite.  This is a form of dried and tasteless seaweed but contains a substantial amount of fiber and no calories. This food is especially good for those looking to control their snacking and binge eating as it suppresses the appetite.  This great seaweed can be added to most foods and drinks as they easily absorb the taste of them and is also used to naturally thicken sauces, soups, syrups and juices.

Miso is wonderful as it is made from soy beans and is a great asian condiment that can help your weight loss efforts.  It is low in fat and calories, with roughly 50 calories and 2 grams of fat per ounce. Miso is used widely in soups and can curb your appetite and keep your snacking in check because it is so healthily filling.  Miso can also boost the immune system since it contains wonderful minerals like copper, zinc and manganese which can all help in boosting energy and reducing your chances of getting cancer and is also good in aiding your digestion and nutrient absorption which means that you will be getting more nutrients into your system.  Miso can be used in soups and vegetable based dishes.
The superfood Shirataki noodle is great as it has no sugar, calories nor fat and the marvel of this noodle lies in its properties called glucomannan which is a type of soluble fiber that reduces insulin after meals and can also reduce hunger and slow down the emptying of the stomach and has lots of healthy bacteria to speed up your digestion.

Asian culture derives from farmers and these people know the importance of cultivating good and natural foods that can prolong life and health so if its good enough for them its most certainly is good enough for you and your loved ones so give it the old college try and eat healthier to stay fit and to lose that unwanted body fat.