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Are Vaccines Really Good For You? Are Vaccines Really Good For You?
Vaccines begun in 1796 when a British pharmacist named Edward Jenner injected pus under the skin of 8 year old boy as was based... Are Vaccines Really Good For You?

picture of Sick little girl with flu awaiting medication- focus on the eyes

Vaccines begun in 1796 when a British pharmacist named Edward Jenner injected pus under the skin of 8 year old boy as was based on an crazy rumor that anyone who had had cowpox would also be immune to small pox and went along to vaccinate many others with cowpox to immunize them against smallpox.   This immunization technique impressed King George so much that he rewarded him with a large sum of money.   This technique stamped Edward Jenners as the first professional to administer diseased matter as a way to medicate a person.  The incident of smallpox in England after vaccinations where administered rose steadily from and then average 5 percent to almost 95 percent by the late 18 hundreds.  By coincidence the mortality rate rose by almost 5 percent in 1872 which was one year after smallpox vaccinations where decreed mandatory in England.
In today’s world just recently in 2010 a severe mumps outbreak broke out in over 1000 children in New Jersey and parts of New York encountered the mumps after being vaccinated with measles, rubella and mumps vaccine.  Around the US after that several outbreaks of measles occured among children who had also been vaccinated.

So the question now is, are vaccines really good for you?  In the early 1900’s a bright Indiana physician a Dr. W.B. Clarke, stated “Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.”
In 1955 it was identified that unique cell destroying viruses termed stealth viruses in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. These viruses where void of genes that would enable the immune system to recognize them and were protected by the body’s failure to develop antiviral antibodies. Later that year it was discovered that some of these stealth viruses had originated from African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus of a type known to infect man.

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Vaccines fool the body so it does not mount a complete inflammatory response to the injected virus. There is strong reason to think that not only are vaccines worthless in preventing disease they are counterproductive because they injure the immune system permitting cancer, auto-immune diseases and SIDS to cause much disability and death, so these vaccines actually cause the diseases.  The person receiving the injection would never suspect that the vaccine taken 10 to 15 years earlier had caused the cancer to appear.

This vaccine industry rakes in around 200 billion annually.