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Aqua Cycling Aqua Cycling
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Splish, Splash, Summertime is here! Which means, the perfect opportunity to try out new exercises – exercises that are... Aqua Cycling

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Splish, Splash, Summertime is here! Which means, the perfect opportunity to try out new exercises – exercises that are more than interesting to hold your fitness attention, yet not so tough that you will bounce back to your same old workout routine.
How refreshing would it be if you could take a nice bike ride for an exercise in this hot weather without sweating? Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, now that has also become possible for the citizens of Europe and to those who live in the area of New York City!

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Aqua Cycling is a great way to get in shape while beating the sweaty, summer heat

What is Aqua Cycling?
Aqua Cycling is the new refreshing trend making its splash through indoor pools of many gyms across Europe and New York City. This aquatic program submerges stationary bikes in a pool, with participants – suited in jelly water shoes – pedaling in the water as resistance. But it’s not just cycling that you are doing. At the same time, for 45 minutes, you are working on abs, core and arm exercises. Which if you were on land, I think after 45 minutes, you would probably, just as I would, be out of breath and sweating like crazy.
What are the benefits?
Underwater cycling, seems to have all the benefits of its landlocked compatriot but leaves out some of the downsides. Bike riding on land is a good workout, but after it is all said and done, the feelings after are sweaty, drained energy, aching muscles and fatigue – all for the same old boring spin around the neighborhood. But that’s bot true of Aqua Cycling.
After every class you will come out of the water feeling like you just had a great massage and ready to take on your day at full blast! It is unlike nothing you have ever tried, and that is a good thing.
What This Program Has To Offer
In this program, water adds a cooling and soothing element to help keep your heart rate down. You won’t even notice how hard you have been exercising until you leave the water. You will feel warm and weightless as if biking on zero gravity through the moon. Best of all, 800 calories are burnt per hour, you get a full body cardio-workout. It is the most effective and relaxing exercise you can ever try while riding on a bike. You don’t even have to worry about keeping up with the pace, since there is no need for speed adjustments to be made to the waterproof bike. The aqua bike features five levels of resistance, light-weight stainless steel design, adjustable saddle seat and adjustable handlebars that accommodate to your liking. The aqua bike enables both aerobic and muscle conditioning in a stress-free aquatic environment. Music is also used in this aquatic program as a form of motivation to the participants. Most of the time, you are pedaling off to a nice rhythm that takes your mind into a stress free zone.
Aqua Equipment For Your Taste
This interesting program has taken many other exercise equipment into another level and has much more to offer you. If you are not the type of person that enjoys socializing with others while getting a good workout, here is some good news for you! There are many other aqua equipment that can be ordered and installed, including the aqua bike, in your own indoor/outdoor pool. I took down note of other great equipment from Swimex, an aquatic exercise equipment company, that you might want to look into for some more exciting summer aquatic workouts. I placed a list below that I hope can come in handy for your new aquatic adventures.
1.) Aquatic Ellipse
This equipment simulates the elliptical motions of running with adjustable resistance, incline, and footplate positions; the Aquatic Ellipse is perfect for aerobic group activity, circuit training classes, athletic training programs and rehab of lower extremities.
2.) Aquatic Cyclette
This incredible machine allows the user to adjust the cycle seat in a very low position, providing complete mobility of the knee. In the highest position, very far from the central movement system, the Aquatic Cyclette enables wide angles of the knee. This position is very useful immediately after surgery.
3.) Aquatic Recline
With the Aquatic Recline, you pedal while keeping your body immersed in water, with legs out in front of the water bike in a reclined, seated position. It is ideal for rehabilitation programs to recondition the knee ligaments following reconstructive surgery or sprains. It brings an incredible fitness solution – the thrust of the legs underwater promotes a superior cardiovascular workout.
4.) SPT Underwater Treadmill
SPT Underwater Treadmill brings a whole new dimension of fun and fitness to any home exercise or rehabilitative program by allowing you to walk or run in a weight-free environment against the natural smooth resistance that only water can provide. It has unmatched stability and performance – it’s perfect for exercise or therapy.
So, the next time your are in the mood for a refreshing and relaxing exercise in the pool, remember about the great deal this new aquatic trend has to offer you and join in on the fun!