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Anti-Aging Books Anti-Aging Books
For further reading on topics dealing with aging, recommends the following titles... Anti-Aging Books

The Anti-Aging Solution

Anti-aging expert Giampapa (Quantum Longevity), DNA researcher Pero and nutritionist Zimmerman present a five-step program that claims to reverse the aging process. Before readers can say they’ve seen this before, the authors insist their book is different because it “attacks aging at its genetic roots with a comprehensive plan.” Giampapa, Pero and Zimmerman first present a set of simple self-examinations for readers to “factor their personal aging equation” by measuring “aging indicators” like chronic pain, poor memory and reduced mobility.

Resetting the Clock

Resetting the Clock: Five Anti-Aging Hormones That Improve and Extend Life

Hormones of Youth

Grow 10 years younger in 10 weeks with the new therapeutics of Anti-Aging Medicine

Staying Young

Staying Young: Growth Hormone and Other Natural Strategies to Reverse the Aging Process, makes starting human growth hormone therapy both practical and easy to understand. A must read for those interested in stopping and reversing the aging process.

The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Living Forever

This book presents the thesis that radical extensions of human life span are only a few decades away. The problem is many baby boomers may not live long enough to avail themselves of these breakthrough technologies – but they will be close! This book offers a way to live a healthier life now, so that anyone can maximize his or her chances of being alive when this new wave of life extension and rejuvenation really begins to take hold.

Superfoods for Life

No one can deny the countless benefits of a healthy diet. When we eat right, we feel better, we look better, we even experience renewed youth and vitality. Now, Superfoods for Life makes proper nutrition easy-and delicious-while offering a complete list of special anti-aging foods. It includes 250 simple and appetizing recipes, packed with the nutrients your body needs and prepared with easy-to-find ingredients.

The Smart Guide to Low Carb Anti-Aging Diet

Reflecting the medical breakthrough in understanding the role of lower insulin levels in general good health, The Low-Carb Anti-Aging Diet encourages fat loss, increases energy, enhances mental clarity, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and slows aging. The authors show how this plan works through a combination of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements.

Anti- Aging- Food

Anti- Aging- Food. (Paperback)

Reversing Premature Aging

Skin experts estimate that up to 90% of what we think is aging on our skin is actually sun damage. Read this quick guide and begin to REVERSE the signs of sun damage on your skin. Why I Wrote the Book. Kay Carnahan is a licensed aesthetician or skincare specialist. She has helped clients with prematurely aged, sun damaged skin for over 15 years in her practice, now located in a large day spa/salon setting in Missouri City, Texas, near Houston.