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A Fitness-Based Relationship A Fitness-Based Relationship
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Usually we miss out a lot in life’s great offerings due to a ridiculous work schedule. The usual job... A Fitness-Based Relationship

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Usually we miss out a lot in life’s great offerings due to a ridiculous work schedule. The usual job meetings and socialising with co-workers and friends through-out the day always tends to leave us with no time to focus on our body’s well being or other beings that are dear to us. This dilemma has had a strong impact on young couples as far as being able to maintian a stable relationship for a longer period of time or in general.

If the only thing you can manage to do upon getting home is, place your pajamas on, give your partner a goodnight kiss, and then hit the bed hard like a rock, then it is time, my friend, that you try out this interesting couple workout that involves not only getting fit, but also getting rid of stress with lots of fun exercises, and getting back that lost time with that special someone in your life. That is why I had choose to do a small and quick research on how exercising can bring the shine back out in your relationship and even brighter than before. Fitness experts, say that exercising with your partner can be fun and motivating and here is exactly how you can get that groove back in your relationship with these couple relationship

Dancing Class: 

There is no better way to get sparks flying again between you and your partner than dancing! Learn a sexy dance form like the ones from salsa or tango. There is nothing like dancing to the beat of romance with your better half while at the same time getting rid of those calories.

Jogging/walking Together: 

Not only does walking or jogging keep give you a great physical body, it also brings you closer to nature, with beneficent doses of fresh air and Vitamin D. You and your partner may not walk/jog at the same speeds, but this is where the trick to having do this type of exercise comes in. Maintaining pace with each other will introduce the element of healthy competition in your relationship and it will also ensure that no one gets concieted any time soon. During the 30 minutes of a brisk walking/jog you can both burn up to 150 calories. Swimming is also another activity that you and your partner can do. With 30 minutes of swimming it should be enough to burn up to 175 calories.

Play Sports: 

Enroll in a sport like volleyball, tennis, or basketball. These sports and more will give you a full body workout while bringing out the best in your relationship. There is a reason to why team spirit always comes out on top! Challange each other and the winner takes all. Wink, wink!

I have placed some more ideas of couple activities which you and your partner may want to take into consideration until you have both come up with a routine of more interest to you.

Fitness Partners: 

Try stretching together, it can be very beneficial for your flexibility and it will warm your muscles to help prevent causing any muscle sprains or  injuries.

The row boat action: 

Both you and your partner will sit on the floor with your feet touching each other’s. You will then proceed to holding on to eachother’s hands and rotate your arms like you are rowing a boat. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch your thigh muscles and help tone your arms.


One of you can stand on the feet of the other as the other one does ab-crunches. This exercise focuses its attention on your lower abs for a great tone. With enough motivation from you partner, he/she will help you perform better and reach your targets at a faster pace.


Get down into a push-up position and have your partner place their palm on your back to provide you with some extra resistance. This will boost the intensity of the workout. Women usually opt for wall push-ups while men do push-ups against the floor. Push-ups are a great way to strengthen your shoulder and triceps.

Try these fun couple workouts with your partner, watch the fat melt away, and see those sparks fly!