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A Body Fit To Box A Body Fit To Box
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Boxing is a tough and hard hitting workout sport that many are not so likely to try out due... A Body Fit To Box

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Boxing is a tough and hard hitting workout sport that many are not so likely to try out due to fear of getting punched in the face or even knocked out. Truth is, that we have all either seen or heard about the great fights that occur on HBO. Like fights with the great Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and even the Italian Stalion (Sylvester Stalone) in his Rocky Balboa movie. So, when you hear boxing fitness, all you can probably think of at the moment is, two individuals with big red gloves on both their hands lunging to knock each other´s heads off – but there is more to it than just that!boxing gym

Boxing includes a variety of exercise routines that are highly effective and it is another entertaining form of exercise for burning some calories. Think about it – what other exercise offers you the opportunity to learn how to give that night thief a good beating for trying to snatch your belongings while walking home, or how cool would it be to be able to punch the instructor in the face for free without getting hit back to release some of that frustration that instructors tend to cause us when pushing our limits? (Only kidding about the instructor thing.) If it weren’t for people like them who dedicate themselves to finding out the best fitness plans for us, and pushing our limits, we most likely wouldn’t have a clue of what to do, nor have the motivation they project towards us to bring out the best in us.

Boxing fitness training is vital to maximize performance during fights, but the best part of boxing for a good fitness seeking person is, within its exercise routines. There are many exercise routines without limits that will give just about anyone a good burn on calories for a fit, lean, and mean body!

For a boxing-fit body, try these following exercises that are sure to put your body in great shape. Keep in mind that boxing training is the method that boxers use in order to get more fit for their sport and so it will work for you, but you need to check with your doctor for any limitations you may have!

Arms: Dumbbell Bicep Curls/Tricep Extension Supersets
First, you will perform standing bicep curls, performing 10-15 reps on each arm. Soon after, you can perform one-handed or two-handed dumbbell triceps overhead extensions, for an additional 10-15 reps. Then, use a small recovery time frame before beginning the next set of curls/extensions.

Legs: Squat Jumps
Perform three to four sets of 20 jumps. You begin with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Perform a squat, but instead of standing back up, explode off of your feet, jumping as high into the air as possible. Land softly, and immediately squat and jump again. The less time you spend in contact with the floor, the better you build fast-twitch muscle.

Core: Front and Side Plank Super Sets
Perform three to four sets of planks, holding them for up to a minute or longer. If you are a beginner, you will need to build up the time you can hold a plank. These moves will hit a majority of the core muscles, both the external and internal muscular groups that comprise the core. Not only will they help you to create a flat stomach, but you’ll get added benefits like eliminating low back pain (often caused by a weak core) and help to bust up those love handles (or strengthen your abdominal obliques).

Full body workout: Skipping Rope
You will need a rope that’s 7 to 8 feet long.
Perform 10-15 high jumps while thrusting the rope under your feet and over your head. As you start to get a rythm, boost your speed for better results.

Full Body Workout: Shadow Boxing
In this exercise, you will need a mirror that covers your body height or you can also use your shadow up against a wall. This is a trick that you can use at home when your trainer is not around. The purpose of this exercise is, to get your body loose and into a rythm. You can easily get lost into it and practice your punching moves, dipping moves, and sliding moves while getting a good burning workout on your arms, legs, and abs. And there is no need for equipment of any sort!

These are just a few of the exercises that boxing has to offer for a good fitness. You can also try out the speed bag, and heavy bag on which you can unload punches and kicks without getting hurt or hurting anyone else giving you a good workout on your legs and arms.
So, as you can see, there is more to boxing then just hard hitting and knock outs. There are many Boxing Fitness centers around and it will be easy and quick to get yourself into one.

So, go ahead, and join the calorie kicking action! Knock yourself out and get fit!