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6 Reasons For You To Lift Weights 6 Reasons For You To Lift Weights
If your not in need of those  large and strong thighs or 22 inch biceps like all those pics that you see around you... 6 Reasons For You To Lift Weights

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If your not in need of those  large and strong thighs or 22 inch biceps like all those pics that you see around you should still not stay away from the weight room.  The process of lifting weights will get you ahead of heart disease and excess belly fat and will also give your body and muscles great definition.  Herein are 6 good reasons why you should head into that gym and try your luck at weightlifting, just make sure that you get any advice from a trainer so you don’t hurt yourself in the process and get the best results.

To start:
1. You will lose a greater percentage of fat as it has been proven that weightlifters lose on average more body fat than those who only do aerobics as the weightlifters lost almost pure fat as opposed to those who do aerobics who lose not only body fat but muscle as well.  Although muscle may drop from your body you will not look as good and it also makes you more prone to getting those pounds back.

2. You will eat a whole lot better as the simple act of exercising can make you stick or pay better attention to what you put in your mouth.  Just be sure not to sneak a snack on your approval list as this will sabotage your diet plans altogether.

3. You will also be happier and any depression that you were experiencing will be a thing off the past as researchers found that those who workout at least three times per week greatly improved their overall scores when measuring anger and mood.

4. You will burn more calories as your muscles need time to repair due to their high metabolism caused by the weightlifting so you continue to burn those extra calories off even when your home kicking back on your couch catching up on your favorite show.  Just by doing a circuit of eight moves which can take around 8 minutes can cause you to burn from 150 to 240 calories.

5.  If you smoke it will help you in quitting as you will surely notice the first time you lift those weights and begin your reps that after a while you begin to huff and puff, try walking up a flight of stairs and back down again and see if you huff and puff.   I know many a people who have tried to quite smoking and did it by exercising.

6. Your heart will love you for it as well as it has been proven that those who did a three total body weight workout per week for two months had a decrease in diastolic blood pressure by an average of 8 points which is enough to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Resistance training enhanced a lifters life a adds many more days to your healthy life, so give it a try, what do you have to lose?