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10 days out 10 days out
Here I am 10 days out from my first competition of the season Jr Nationals 2012!!! I'm getting more excited everyday! The adrenaline... 10 days out

by Kendi Charls

Here I am 10 days out from my first competition of the season Jr Nationals 2012!!! I’m getting more excited everyday!  The adrenaline is definitely kicking in and helping me out with the long grueling morning an evening workouts.   These final weeks are generally what make or break a competitor.   This has been one of my hardest and easiest preps all at once.  I currently have not one but two jobs, training, extra cardio, diet and meal prep which is a part time job in itself.  Add travel to the mix and somedays I wonder if I am coming or going but at the end of the day I have a smile on my face and one goal in mind…Jr Nationals 2012!

Kendi Charls takes a break from the Jr National NPC competition in Las Vegas.

I’m currently en route to Vegas as we speak!  I am here working until Sunday and I have every meal of every day packed!  As I sat in the airport and grabbed my fish out of my cooler and gagged it down while the lady next to me stared and probably wondered what the heck the smell was?  I just shook my head and laughed. I’m not even sure why.  Not one ounce of me wondered why I do this to myself?  Eat food I can barely choke down? Crazy huh? But I love it!  I do it because I want to.  This is the first show I feel 100% confident in what I’m bringing to the stage.  I’ve pulled out all the stops. I have worked my butt off and it shows.  So at this point I don’t have to eat fish I get to;)! What doesn’t kill you indeed makes you stronger!  My physique is much more balanced and evened out compared to last season and I have put on a small amount of muscle and plan to come in much  more lean than previous shows.   My parents, my oldest sister and brother in law are coming to my show!  I am more excited than ever.  I honestly thought I would never see the day!  I can’t wait to walk on stage, and although I don’t believe they really understand the sport, I know how proud they will be of me.  They will know the discipline, motivation, and work ethic I possess.  They will see a side of me they have never seen before and be a part of something they know I love and work really hard at accomplishing.

As the cardio (stepmill only) tries  to break me down in the long sessions I think of two things: the fact my family will be there to support and watch me and I think of where I started and how far I have come and remember “I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me!”

Motivated….every day!  I will see you in 10 days  at Jr Nats baybay!!!!  Bringing the best ME to stage yet!

Kendi Charls is a top ranked National Physique Committee competitor and a well-known advocate of healthy living through diet and exercise. She is a life-long athlete in multiple sports such as soccer, basketball, track, softball and volleyball. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where she received her BA in Fashion Design and played for the school’s volleyball team. You may reach Kendi Charls at