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Your Kids Should Exercise Your Kids Should Exercise
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer In this day and age of the powerful media industry’s reign on our extracurricular activities with Blackberry to WII... Your Kids Should Exercise

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By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

In this day and age of the powerful media industry’s reign on our extracurricular activities with Blackberry to WII games to Facebook all in which we partake of when sitting or laying down, our overall health is being affected and not in a good way.  Our body’s need a certain amount of movement or exercise during the course of the day and a child needs it even more of it as they continue through their growing stages and need to flex and exercise those new muscles that they are developing. You can count on your child growing in confidence as they learn new skills and sportsmanship qualities that will help and guide them in their sports choices in their future and in which they may someday excel at.  Exercise is also important as it may help to strengthen joints and bones against injury in the future. It’s also interesting to note that the rate of obesity in children has risen dramatically in these last twenty years going from less that 5 % to almost 12 %. If you are to get and keep your child safely fit they should do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day as this will be aid full in your Child’s ability to maintain a healthy weight and healthy body now and in their future.

Give these quick yet helpful tips a try and see what it does for your child.

  • Have a hula hoop contest- this is a great fun and a simple cardio exercise as the focus becomes more on keeping the hop going around you than in how many reps your doing and your laughing as well which help your kids burn more calories.
  • Have a water balloon fight- Please make sure that you have the adequate space for this tip as you do not want to disturb or even worst break something. National parks, city parks, local beaches or rivers are abundantly everywhere so make a trip to one of these and have a blast with your kids.
  • Throw an afternoon dance party. Dancing can be the most enjoyable form of exercise for kids as almost all of them will get on the dance floor or rug and move about to the beat of the music. Break out the IPod and put on your kids favorite tunes and have them dance. Music is a powerful tool in exercising and if properly utilized it can lead to better health and fitness in kids.

picture of kids playing football

These are just some helpful suggestion that I give to you in the hopes of triggering other ideas as to what you can involve your kids in to help them exercise without all the whining and if practiced by you as well will surely aid you in staying fit.

Your kids will expend more energy when they are out and exercising whether it’s a simple game of Frisbee to a game of tag football or soccer.  They will be assured not only better nights sleep but a more soundly and longer one which will keep them in top form when class time begins and it will surely show in the performance and report cards.