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World Depopulation Actions by the United Nations: Part One World Depopulation Actions by the United Nations: Part One
Many have said in the past that you can judge a tree by the quality of its fruit. Well after these few words I... World Depopulation Actions by the United Nations: Part One

Many have said in the past that you can judge a tree by the quality of its fruit. Well after these few words I will let you be the judge of what the United Nations means to you and your loved ones and what kind of fruit it really is giving us.

picture of united nations flags

united nations flags


First off the United Nations was founded after World War 2 and originally grew out of and replaced the League of Nations which itself was started after World War 1 as a way to stop wars between countries and to provide a platform for any member countries to have a dialogue with each other. Its basic purpose is to provide a service as an international organization whose aims have been stated as being able to facilitate cooperation in the world’s social progress, international security, economic development and international law, the achievement of human peace and human rights. It has many multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions on a global scale.  John D. Rockefeller the founder of Standard Oil who went on to become an American oil magnate and philanthropist donated out of the kindness of his own heart 18 acres of pristine and high valued land in Manhattan overlooking the east river for the United Nations headquarters which is located in New York City and since then the Rockefellers have conceived and heavily funded the majority of the UN destructive programs. It is also interesting to note that the Rockefeller family has donated been involved with, donated money to, or founded all the following globally dominant and notoriously known major international  institutions  such as The council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, the League of Nations, The population Council and The United Nations to name a few. Presently there is overwhelming evidence that the United Nations is doing everything but helping the world’s problem but instead it appears like they are creating the problems and thus have control over the destructive outcome and solutions of whatever social problems that they have created.

picture of united nations effects

united nations effects on population

Currently The United Nations has many programs under way to not only curtail the growth of the population of our earth but to reduce it by almost nine-tenths or six billion people one day in the future.  Out of the many methods being used right now in the depopulation of the earth there are three major ways that this is being done by the UN of which is the usage of tactics such as exploitative international development, which leads to massive hunger, famine and worldwide starvation,  and comes out to around forty million mortalities per year.  Hatred, war and military suppression’s are also another means being used by the UN to depopulate the earth as this also leads to tens of millions of deaths per year and also the development, creation and spread of many infectious diseases which will eventually lead to a global plague, pestilence and pandemic in a disastrous unprecedented scale.

picture of starving african children

starving African children begging for food


Other ways in which the United Nations include the contaminating and poisoning of the earth’s water and food supply, introducing dangerous and deadly pharmaceutical drugs to the worlds society and even their ability to modify the earth’s weather by their ability to cause volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and earthquakes through electromagnetic psychotronic weapons which are all controlled by and from an American Air Force base installation named HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which is now active and completely responsible for causing worldwide hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, heat waves, rains that cause major flooding and earthquakes throughout the world which deaths can be numbered in the hundreds of millions.  Just this past summer HAARP was utilized to create a heat wave in Russia which culminated into a complete destruction of all of its crops and the deaths of millions of soviet citizens.  They also used HAARP this past summer to cause massive flooding in China and in Pakistan which resulted in the mass starvation and deaths of their population.  And we all know what happened in Haiti as a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake which hit there.  Many are now wondering now if the hurricane named Katrina which decimated the southern shores of the United States mostly in Louisiana was incidental or a operation conducted by Americans own military in order to depopulate the southern coast of the US.  One should begin to play close attention to any “natural occurrences” like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions etc, that are now taking and have taken place in the world as some of them if not every single one of them is actually an operation conducted by the United States military by order of the United Nations to cause chaos, death and havoc in order to depopulate the earth.

picture of united nations effect

united nations effect

The UN is also heavily promoting and causing homosexuality through its media sources and foods to also limit the growth of the population and they are spreading the AIDS virus, forced sterilization in China, euthanasia etc. to also fulfill that fact.  An estimated 2 billion people will be murdered by deadly and common illnesses and diseases which are associated with malnutrition from the destruction of crops, irradiation and pasteurization.   There is a commission which is a subsidiary of the United Nations which has begun the process of labeling all life sustaining nutrients such as enzymes, minerals and vitamins in our foods as poisons. Once this is done then the United Nations can go ahead and eradicate or wipe out all the nutrients in our foods by pasteurizing and irradiating (exposing the foods to radiation) all of our foods.  This is the main reason that milk is and has been pasteurized since we can remember since milk is the single most crucially important life sustenance on the earth as it is packed with enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are all important in keeping us healthy and alive.  Eggs were also irradiated as they are also a very important food source which can keep us alive and healthy.  Also the recent lies about the E. coli contamination in fruits and vegetables has caused the Codex Alimentarious Commission which is also a subsidiary of the United Nations, to pasteurized and irradiate all vegetables and fruits coming out in today’s supermarkets. This simply and sadly destroys all the nutritional value of any foods that it is applied to and can also cause cancer and tumors in those who ingest the foods. It is very important to observe that this irradiation does not destroy the microorganisms that they state are in our foods but it does destroy the organisms in the foods along with the vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes that are in the foods.  It is important for you to know that the so called healthy pasteurization and irrigation does not filter or wash out the bad organisms in our foods but just destroys them and when we drink or eat these foods we are eating the dead, diseased and illness causing microorganisms which will make you very sick. Now since all the vitamins and minerals have been eliminated your body now cannot fend off or stop the disease and sickness that are caused by consuming dead and infested organisms.  My hope is that you will never look at that gallon of milk in your fridge the same way again and reach for the organic natural farm unpasteurized milk gallon.

picture of henry kissinger

Henry Kissinger

It was Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State for the Nixon and Ford Administration who, working for the United Nations, in 1974 created the notion of a food genocide to control the world population as less people basically means less people to consume the world’s vast resources and more food for the rich nations or the elite to basically satisfy their own hunger and greed.   He is now and has been the White House special counsel for Barack Obama and is also the State Department special envoy. On December 10, 1974 the United National Security Council under the rule of Henry Kissinger produced a classified study named the National Security Study Memorandum 200 which deceitfully stated that the worldwide population growth is posing a threat to United Nations Security Interest.

picture of George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush

Just a couple of years before in 1972 the Nixon White House begin to implemented a eugenics policy in the United States which was directed by George Herbert Walker Bush (who went on to become the 41st President of the United States) then UN ambassador to the UN and it was Bush Sr. who advised China on the formulation of their one child policy and back in the USA he directed the federal government to forcibly sterilize almost 40% of native Americans in the US.

There are various United Nations secret documents that show that over one billion citizens of this earth will be murdered in the near future by starvation as the UN signs new trade agreements which will forbid any country from importing and exporting any food into an area targeted for depopulation. It is interesting to note the many similarities between the United Nations and the Nazi SS officers and soldiers who were put in charge of the “special treatment” that was bestowed upon the members of the gentile race by means of biological diseases, famine, mass executions and war.  By the way the letters UN is also defined  in the dictionary as being a negative prefix or in other words contrary or opposite to: unrest,  and to many of people out there the United Nations was basically brought out to cause global unrest.  Well, many say that you can judge a book by its cover or a tree by its fruit, so based on this you can make your own opinion of what the United Nations really means to you and to the future of your family.

picture of united nations

united nations