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Woman Threatened for Growing Vegetables at Home Woman Threatened for Growing Vegetables at Home
Julie Bass, a native of Michigan was told that she could not plant tomatoes and peppers in her garden.  Julie, thinking it more practical... Woman Threatened for Growing Vegetables at Home

picture of home garden

Julie Bass, a native of Michigan was told that she could not plant tomatoes and peppers in her garden.  Julie, thinking it more practical to plant a vegetable garden after a recent sewer line construction was threatened with jail time and heavy fines. Check out these news reports……

Studies have shown that having your own vegetable garden could increase the reduction in the risk of breast and lung cancer.

Can you think of a better way of getting your kids out of the house and busying their hands and learning about planting? And you get freshest goods available, straight from the backyard.  It’s basically great for the health of the public, the environment will thank you.


Oak Park frowns upon food growers

picture of Kevin Rulwoski

Kevin Rulkowski


The city planner for the city of Oak Park, Kevin Rulkowski, smirks at the idea of the residents of Oak Park, Michigan, growing their own vegetables.

With plain arrogance Mr. Rulkowski announced that Julie Bass had broken the law and will have to mow down her beautiful and healthy garden or be thrown in jail and pay heavy fines.

The Michigan City code plainly states and I quote, “All unpaved portions of the site will be planted with grass, shrubbery or other suitable live plant material.”

picture of riot police

The city planner Kevin Rulwoski with sneering contempt ,when talking about at Julie Bass, and   manifests to her that, “if one were to look into the Webster’s dictionary the word Suitable you would find the word common”.  And you can look all throughout the entire city and you’ll never find a vegetable garden that consumes the entire front yard.” (…).

Just one minute mister Rulkwski, sir. The words that comes up in my dictionary plainly states, “Suitable means appropriate within the context in which it is being used.” Check any dictionary and you’ll see the definition of “suitable” being either “appropriate” or “proper.”

The prestigious Webster dictionary does not define “suitable” as “common”. It defines “suitable” as”able, qualified, or proper” and the example given shows “The dress was a SUITABLE choice”

Would you love to teach your own kids how to grown their own veggies right in the yard and eat healthier and save money? That would be wonderful and one hundred percent natural. Home lawns make a beautiful addition to the sculpture of the home but one would think that this is also a piece of the earth where one can plant and eat wonderful and delicious vegetables.

Gardens provide a health-friendly, eco healthy and wonderful for the enrichment of the city. Can you of a better way to get fresher ripe and red tomatoes and the greenest bell peppers than straight from the backyard?

picture of garden vegetables in basket

Does Oak Park’s have malevolence towards vegetables?

We the People have the right to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness.  To oppose people who plant vegetables in the yard is to be an enemy to the environment, and adversary to our food freedom, a traitor to independence and a rival to the rights of the People to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Our dear Kevin Rulkowski who fumbles with the dictionary with simple words continually thumbs his nose at the People stated with the upmost audacity: “”I told her don’t do it. And she went ahead and did it anyway.” Dear Julia should not have to beg to this person who deems himself to be in position to rule uncontrolled and unchecked.

The city planner is like every other uncaring bureaucratic dictator in any other part of the good ol USA.  They are uncaring bloodsuckers that feed on we the People and actually destroy people while clocking into government buildings.

The abdication of Kevin Rulkowski would be the best thing that could happen to the city of Oak Park, who is the real definition of how not to contuct public relations.

picture of woman planting tomatoes plant

So here stands of helpless citizen Julia Bass facing a trial by jury and most possibly time in jail for standing up to her rights as we the People clearly states. The trial is schedule to begin in just a few weeks.  Our prayers are with Julia.

Please visit this link to see the full story.…

Julia needs help to protect her right to plant and harvest vegetables on her own estate

Your help is needed help to support Julie Bass, who is a caring person that just want to provide for her family and herself. (To fathom the notion that this is now against the pas is sacrilegious)

I warmly invite you to join our storm of phone, fax and email complaints to the to the City Planner’s office in Oak Park, Michigan. This barrage will be taking place across three days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (July 11th – 13th). This is what you should do:

Action Item #1) Sign the online petition!
This already has 14,000 signatures and plenty more on the way!!…

Action Item #2) Complain to Kevin Rulkowski, the bully city planner in the news video who is harassing Julie Bass over her garden and threatening her with punitive action for daring to question his “authority”:

Phone: 248-691-7450

Be sure to CC the City Manager Rick Fox who needs to be kept in the loop on this so he can see how his entire city is now becoming famous all across the ‘net for having the world’s most idiotic city planner who abhords the growing of  vegetable gardens in his distric.

Phone: 248-691-7406

If you wish, you may also cc the Mayor of Oak Park, Gerald E. Naftaly:

These public servants are paid by your hard earned money to SERVE you hence the word public servant.

I can honesty and humbly state on record that the word serve to me means to take the Peoples calls, read their emails and answer to public petitions.
This is a good reason as to why their email addresses are a matter of public record and anyone can send inquires and concerns to them. I don’t think their there so we can add them to our Facebook friends.

Please keep in mind that when you send an email to them they will have yours as well. Try using an account that cannot be traced to your identity. Its easy on any of the large servers such as  Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Please don’t be foolish and email them from your work email account. The bureaucrats might just contact your employer and pressure them to fire you. Try to use wisdom on choosing the right email account. And absolutely do not threaten then with violence. We do not want to become like them. And we are not the law breakers.  Be polite but firm and do not violate the laws of of the PATRIOT ACT.

All the contact information is displayed on this link:…

Action Item #4) Read Julie’s blog, which you will find at:

She has a “donate here” button on the top of the page where you can donate to her legal defense fund (to help pay some of her legal bills). Please consider making a donation to this cause. She is now being represented by Solomon M. Radner, founder of Radner Law Group (in the Detroit area).

Action Item #5) Share this article with others You must  spread the word on freedom and stands up against bureaucrats, bullies and government dictators who are trying to turn us all into criminals for growing veggies, (…)

Its smart thinking on people’s part to grow their own vegetable

picture of american flag with handcuffs

To plant a garden is the most astute and bold thinking that one can do.

Do not trust the statements of Kevin Rulkoswki who will probably be standing in line behind you begging for food. Some people get what they have coming to them. The true enemies of freedom and adversary to self reliance will not receive the right for food when the next food crisis hits.

They should be made to scratch for food for themselves with the simple knowledge of planting, harvesting skills.

Our future must be based on distributed food production, home gardening, local residential production, freedom of our health and a compliance and solidarity to neighbors.

When the government cannot allow the people the right to plant and grown food for their loved ones bellies then society is on the brink of failure.

To threaten a woman with jail time for growing her own tomatoes, peppers and onions is simply not right and people like The city planner for Oak Park in Michigan Kevin Rulkowski is a sad individual who deserves no respect.