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What is a Good Breakfast to Have? What is a Good Breakfast to Have?
On a recent trip to Japan to attend a wedding I was horrified then impressed to learn that the breakfast eaten there has nothing... What is a Good Breakfast to Have?

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On a recent trip to Japan to attend a wedding I was horrified then impressed to learn that the breakfast eaten there has nothing with the type of breakfast eaten in the state and the end results were quite evident as I hardly ever saw any fat or obese Japanese wobbling around like I do in the states.   The Japanese culture and cuisine is world renown and unique and Japan ranks low in obesity rate being 28th in a list of 29 countries.  Japan also ranks low in the world for having the lowest rates of people with heart disease and diabetes.


Before I begin my reasons why Japanese foods are good for you I would like to add that I grew up eating a mix of all American breakfasts like pancakes, cheesy omelets and toast, waffles, link sausages etc. and enjoyed each ad every bite of them, so for me to write an article about how great the breakfast of Japan is and how much better it is for you when compared to an American breakfast is a BIG deal.


A Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice and miso soup, which is a soybean paste base soup.   Some side dishes that can accompany this start up can include grilled salted salmon or dried horse mackerel fish, pickles, seaweed, rolled omelet or Tamagoyaki, salad and many other healthy and tasty items.  It is proper etiquette to place a bowl of rice to the left and a bowl of miso soup to the right of the person at a breakfast table. Nori (dried seaweed) can be dipped in soy sauce then rolled with rice to eat.

Sea vegetables are high in all kinds of wonderful minerals, iodine vitamins and antioxidants and they’re highly nutritive, and have a savory taste.


In my trip to Japan I was also shocked at how many carb the Japanese eat given that their population has one of the lowest obesity rates around.  The big reason is that they eat rice with some wheat versus the Americans emphasis of wheat with some rice but at the end of the day the foundation of their diet is grain which is the dominant grain around and it is also interesting to note that Japan, Korea and southeast Asia has the lowest rate of obesity and metabolic syndrome and although most common veggies are less predominant the Japanese take advantage of the healthy vegetables of the sea.

So the next time that you’re wondering what to have for breakfast in the morning invest in you health by getting some Japanese foods to prepare or buy.