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Wake up Naturally Refreshed Wake up Naturally Refreshed
Getting up in the morning is sometimes better said than done in most households with late hours at work, busy lifestyles, diet and nighttime... Wake up Naturally Refreshed

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Getting up in the morning is sometimes better said than done in most households with late hours at work, busy lifestyles, diet and nighttime household chores this can put quite a bit of weight on your shoulders which may cause you to end up wired and cranky the next day.  So what can we really do or eat naturally that can give us that natural fresh feeling in the morning and better yet how can we use this to give us that extra hump that we need at work to get that next promotion.

First off the NIGHT before you should avoid coffee altogether as it puts loads of pressure on your heart to work harder and this is what ends up making you feel jittery and more willing to fall into that caffeine withdrawal twang that causes you to fall into that cycle.  Coffee also upsets your stomach in a way that it causes you to wake up constantly and not be able to fall into deep REM sleep which we need every night.  Be smart about eating foods that have extra grease like pizza and lasagna but do not avoid them altogether.  If you properly balance your diet of pizza follow it up with a side salad topped with a balsamic vinaigrette.  The vinegar can help in the digestion process and “cut” the oils in the greasy foods.  Pizza and lasagna may be somewhat greasy but as long as these oils come from cheeses that have not been processed and purely from organic milk these oil can be good for you as they contain high levels of rich omega 3 and 6 fatty acid oils which are unsaturated and great for managing your good cholesterol levels which can incredibly lower your chances of heart attack and stroke to name a few.   Lastly do not ever eat dinner and go straight to bed.  The food you just ate needs time to digest and this takes sometime try at least to have an interlude of 3 hours before you hit the sack.
Try to get in bed in a good and peaceful mood as going to bed when your upset, nervous, angry will basically cause you to stay up tossing and turning.  Lifes problems cannot be solved overnight in many issues but if you can do something that can cause that level of stress in you to reduce you will have a much better time falling asleep and staying there and thus wake up ready to attack lifes problems nice and strong.  Many have turned to meditation, yoga, soft ambient music, aromatherapy to ease their transition to sleep and have had many cheery results.
Your bedroom is vital to how well you wake up in the morning so if you have a computer in the corner of your bedroom, the television blaring and your Facebook messages pinging on the laptop in your lap from your Facebook massages as you sit on your bed then you better think about getting an office or turning a room into one.
Having to wake up in the place that you spend a lot of time online, work and chat with friends can become confining after a while and taking advantage of other features of the house that can be turned into an nice little office area with a desk where you can check your emails, check the latest Fashion Police episode and watch television then you can turn your room into a haven where you can only read, meditate and fall asleep with no outside interruptions.

Waking up in the morning refreshed can make the outcome of your day successful and with these helpful tips you will be able to get up and at them.