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Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Kid Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Kid
Many of us think that a fat kid is a healthy kid and this is simply not true. Truth is, having an overweight... Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Kid

Many of us think that a fat kid is a healthy kid and this is simply not true.  Truth is, having an overweight child can be hazardous to their health and your wallet as well as the cost of medical care goes up every day.

By keeping your kids on the heavy side you are exposing them to a wide variety of risks and illnesses like heart disease, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, gall bladder disease to name a few and also your child’s confidence will go down as his opinion of himself will not be good and will lead them to depression and low self esteem causing more overeating and thus creating a vicious cycle.  The scary part is that this can be the beginning of a cycle that will lead your child well into adulthood and develop eating habits that will be harder to break as an adult.

If you are to seriously get your kid on the wagon start by being a good example. Your kids are watching you and seeing what you eat, so if your stuffing your face with burgers, donuts and energy drinks it might be a good time to readjust your diet and start eating healthy as well by including plenty of vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts in your diet. Heck, not only will your kids get healthy but you as well!  Have your kids help you in the preparation of the meals not only to include them but to introduce them to a healthier way of eating and to get them away from the video games, internet and blackberries, that are causing them to stay idle for way too long and thus turning whatever they eat into automatic fat instead of energy.

Be creative in the dishes that you serve your kids as they all love creative and colorful prepared foods.  Also, leave plates of fruits, prepared nuts and seeds around the kitchen and readily available so they can automatically reach for them instead of the M&M’s, greasy chips and jolly ranchers that they are already going for when they get hungry.  Make sure to turn off the TV when the kids watch TV so they can focus more on what they eat, as a person who eats while watching television really does not pay attention to what they eat as they focus more on the storyline of whatever it is their watching on the tube.

My last advice is a hard one but a seriously recommendable one as quitting fast foods may be the hardest choice that you will have to make and one harder for your kid to come to terms with.  Fast foods are loaded with high fats and thousands of other toxins not only in the burgers and fries but also the soft drinks and even the ketchup.  There is nothing good about fast foods and one should really take every opportunity to at least search for restaurants that serve not only healthy but fun foods.  Remember that foods, no matter what they are can all be fun to eat so think about turning your family and kids on to the food genres that are on the healthier side.  Remember that the eating habits that you develop now for your kids will not only last them a lifetime but they will also someday be teaching their own kids about proper and healthy eating.