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The Real Scoop on Raw Organic Milk The Real Scoop on Raw Organic Milk
For centuries children, mothers, fathers of all races have been drinking raw milk right off the cow, goats and sheep without getting sick and... The Real Scoop on Raw Organic Milk
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raw organic milk

By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer


For centuries children, mothers, fathers of all races have been drinking raw milk right off the cow, goats and sheep without getting sick and it has been the cornerstone of every nutritional meal in its various forms in every culture in the world.  If it had made them sick then they, I’m sure, would have figured out a way to make the milk safer being as cows are so abundant.  Why is milk now the evil that it is portrayed to be by most top food corporations with this lactose intolerance and other harmful labels?

There is a massive difference between milk that comes from a range where it is allowed to walk about free in the sunshine and eat fresh grass and drink fresh river water with no pollutants and cows who are corralled in unsanitary stalls by the hundreds and feed grains which have synthetic hormones in them to make them grow faster and bigger,  with no sunshine and often the grains being given come from alcohol distilleries were all the nutrition has already been sucked out of the grains and are as useful to a cow as for a human to eat a piece of styrofoam.

The industrial age is what forced a change in the way milk was to be treated in order to make it to the busy shelves of the large and rising cities where massive amounts of milk had to be stored for long periods of time and this is what caused this Luis Pasteur guy to figure out a way to treat milk in order to have a longer shelf life and to kill the harmful bacteria that these corralled cows had been kicking out.  Of course behind him were massively funded milk corporations whose only aim is to make more cash for their backers. These corporations grew larger and larger, and more and more interested in making a larger margin profit, even, at times, to the detriment of the quality of their product and your health. milking

The result for the unhealthy cows is that they produced sometimes infected milk and to make this milk safe for human consumption, it had to be pasteurized which involved heating the milk then quickly cooling it off to kill off any bad microorganism which is in the milk. Louis Pasteur is credited for creating this concept which helped many from contracting various foodborne illnesses like E. coli and salmonella.

People who are lactose intolerant can safely drink raw milk as it includes a helpful bacterium named Lactobacilli which breaks the lactose down your body.

It is important to know that pasteurization is the process of heating foods to increase its shelf life and the higher the temperature the more microorganisms are killed which expands its shelf life even more.

Most pasteurization processes done in the United States is called which is when the milk is heated to a temperature of 161 degrees for 15 seconds which is supposed to increase its shelf life and kill bacteria and without this milk would only last around two week at best.   Now the majority of the milk in the states is ultra-heated which means that it is heated to a temperature of 280 degrees for 2 seconds and this type of pasteurization kills off every enzyme and bacteria good and bad to the point that the milk can no longer be cultured to make yoghurt and is known in many circles as dead milk.  The shelf life of this milk can be from 9 months to even a year and does not need to be refrigerated and this allows milk to be shipped to all parts of the world and sit in warehouses for months at a time and cost more than real milk.

Our bodies required natural enzymes to properly digest foods and to get the most out of whatever it is we are eating and without it our body perceives the proteins in the milk as foreign and mounts an immune response which of all things lowers your immune system ability to defend itself against real bad illnesses, also the body is unable to digest the casein proteins in milk without these necessary enzymes. The proteins themselves are also changed at temperatures this massive and while it is true that organic milk is produced by cows that are fed organic feed and are free of antibiotics and hormones, this pasteurization process this UHT, completely wipes out all the health benefits from milk that you drank earlier.

Like any other food sold commercially, raw milk is periodically tested for harmful bacteria and other impurities, and must be certified safe as not just any dairy can sell its milk raw. The production must meet certain conditions and follow a strict set of Governmental safety standards.

Now the big question is what the heck is in powder milk and is there any real nutrition in it or just harmful additives, but that’s another article.