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The Healthy Power Of The Sun The Healthy Power Of The Sun
Fueled by the current number of high incidents of skin cancer people overall are staying out of the sun as much as possible and... The Healthy Power Of The Sun

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Fueled by the current number of high incidents of skin cancer people overall are staying out of the sun as much as possible and drown their skin in toxic sunscreen before hitting the pool.  The media does nothing at all to help you but does everything that it can do to  continually bombard you with fancy and colorful ads going to the websites you visit, television and iPhone to name a few, so that they can continually show good numbers to the stockholders and keep you lathered in their fragrance scented sun screen number 9.

The sad part overall of this is that those who use these suncreen are putting themselves at a higher risk for cancer.  So a further look into the sun and the healthy rays that it produces should be had and to  start why not start with Vitamin D which is naturally produced in your body when your body is exposed to sunlight.  This great vitamin is not actually a vitamin but known more to be a hormone named calcitriol.  A deficiency of this great vitamin will show in forms of heart disease, cancer, osteosporosis and other diseases.  depression is also a sign of deficiency and people are suffer more from this during the winter months when the suns rays are reduced.
It has been said in some circles that 80 % the population of the world in general vitamin D deficient.  Vitamin D supports your immune system and is ever so important if keeping the snifles away.  for those looking in keeping cancer at bay this same vitamin D is powerful in promoting the inailation and regulation of mutated cancer cells.
Just two of the rays emitted from the sun are UVA and UVB and these are the two types of ultraviolet radiation which are absored by our skin.  When UVB rays enter your skin they imidiately stimulate the production of vitamin D and is what causes our skin to tan or burn.  On the other side  UVA rays do not simulate the production of vitamin D and penetrates the skin deeper and can cause more damage.  Ironically basically all suncreens only block UVB rays and allow the UVA rays to continue on to damage your healthy skin.

The production of vitamin D is also blocked when you add that suncreen and will leave your skin more prone to cancer and other diseases.  Remember that most comercial brand suncreen do nothing to protect your skin but have only been designed to destroy your skin as they are laden with toxic chemicals which are easily absorbed into your bloodstream and increase your risk of cancer even more.  the sun rays can either heal or destroy your health and quality of life and as such the information that you get into this subject should not be one sided as to keep you convinced that the sun is bad for you when it is completely good for you and your state of being.  Moods will be lighter, you will feel more energetic, you will certainly look better and best of all you will live longer than those people lathering all those toxic chemicals all over themselves.