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The Fats That are Good For You The Fats That are Good For You
  Our bodies need fats to function properly and extend its existence and there are foods that can help us in this purpose.  N-3... The Fats That are Good For You


Our bodies need fats to function properly and extend its existence and there are foods that can help us in this purpose.  N-3 fatty acids popularly known as Omega-3 fatty acids are essential unsaturated fats that cannot be synthesized by the body and are crucial for a normal metabolism.   The health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are well known and where discovered in a study done in the 1970’s in Greenland, where people consume large amounts of fat from fish, but basically displayed no sighs of heart disease.  This fat also helped reduce one’s heart rate, blood pressure and can greatly help against atherosclerosis, which is a blocking of the arteries and can cause heart attacks.

Check food products for Omega-3 fats - they are good for you.

Those with particular circulatory problems such as varicose veins may reap the windfall from such supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids which can stimulate ones blood circulation, increase the breakdown of fibrin which is essential in the clotting of blood and if left unchecked can render one as a hemophiliac.

Many studies have also reported that omega-3 fatty acids are possible anti-cancer agents and can help greatly against colon and breast cancer.   A study was also done where over 3,000 men were tested and it was found that there was a strong connection between omega-3 acids and a lowering in high grade prostate cancer in those men involved in the testing.

There is also evidence that long-chain n-fatty acids can postpone or prevent the advancement of certain psychotic disorders in children and adolescents.  Omega-3 fatty acids are can be beneficial against schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder.    ADHD or Attention deficit disorder can also be curtailed with a proper diet including omega-3 rich foods on children who are experiencing learning and behavioral problems such as temper tantrums and sleep disturbances.

Where can one find Omega -3 fatty acids?  Well basically all fish contain omega 3 fatty acids but the concentration is larger in fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring.  The American heart Association has also recommended eating fish at least twice per week.  Also many commercial food products such as baked goods, yoghurt and infant formulas are now fortified with omega-3 fatty acids. You can also include tofu, nuts such as walnuts, flax seed and pumpkin seeds into your diet and cooking with canola and soybean oil would be a healthier choice of oils as well when cooking your next dish.

The Canadian Government has recognized the importance of DHA omega-3 and has permitted the following biological role for DHA by stating that,” DHA, an ogema-3 fatty acid, supports the normal development of the nerves, brain and eyes.”