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The New Jungle – State regulators step up attack on food freedoms

When we think of government overreach into our health and food choices, we mostly think about the federal government and agencies like the FDA, the USDA and the like. But there have been two recent stories I have come across that have frightening implications that the state government agencies have also stepped up attacks on people who choose to live and promote alternative, healthy lifestyles…

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The slimy business at the USDA

When whistleblower Gerald Zirnstein came out to tell the world just how much of our ground beef contains LFTB (lean finely textured beef), now more commonly known as pink slime, he shed light on not only the problems of our meat industry, but also on just how far industry has taken over our government regulatory bodies. Zirnstein, an ex-USDA scientist, pointed out that 70 percent of our ground beef contains the pink slime, which recently became known to most of us when McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell were exposed for using it and then…

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