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Healthy Video Games
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer The video game industry has always left alot to be desired when it comes to how healthy their customers stay throughout their playing time with their product while plouched on a couch for hours at a time and stuffing their faces with everything imaginable... Read more
Best Food For Good Fitness
Remember that you are what you eat and what you eat throughout the day can have a great effect on the outcome of your workout and the results that you get from it.  In order to get that lighting quick speed, those thunderous arms and concrete hard abs you... Read more
Measuring Your Workout Intensity
Not only exercising but doing it the right way is a very important function of a healthy body. A half hour per day six days a week should do the trick and keep you on the right track. Rest is also very important so make sure to get plenty... Read more
Stretching Before You Work Out
For those of you eager to get out there and start losing weight you must remember to stretch your muscles to get to most out of your workout and most importantly to prevent injury and pain.  Every professional athlete knows for sure this fact as they warm up before... Read more
6 Top ways to have fun and stay fit
Where does it say that staying fit has to be painful and excruciating?  There are many fun ways to stay fit or to get back in shape so you can enjoy a healthy style of life without ache full body pains or chin splints from heavy aerobics.  While a... Read more