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Martial Arts Fusion Classes
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer There are many fitness facilities worldwide that have decreased in their monthly participants due to lack of innovation. Fitness instructors, realizing that people were starting to leave elsewhere after growing bored of the traditional training techniques, knew it was time for something more innovating... Read more


Fitness July 12, 2013

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Tai chi is an ancient Chinese exercises also known as tai chi chuan. These exercises are for the mind and body. It involves slow, graceful and gentle movements that can be performed by anyone. All these movements are accompanied by deep breathing. Each movement... Read more
Tai Chi great for your heart
No pain no gain has been the staple saying when working out but while the benefits of aerobics and heavy lifting are real there are some good news for those looking for a softer and less strenuous way to keep themselves fit.  The ancient practice of Tai Chi has... Read more
Boost your Health with Tai Chi
According to a recent study in the Journal of American Medicine the practice of Tai Chi may improve quality of life, mood and memory of those practicing it.  Remember the old term no pain no gain?  Well many have thought in the past that you have to have strenuous... Read more