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The Healthy Power Of The Sun
Fueled by the current number of high incidents of skin cancer people overall are staying out of the sun as much as possible and drown their skin in toxic sunscreen before hitting the pool.  The media does nothing at all to help you but does everything that it can... Read more
What you should know about skin cancer

The number of new cases of skin cancer has been increasing every year causing greater public concern and awareness. The most common cause of skin cancer is excessive, unprotected exposure to the sun, though there are other factors that can contribute to skin cancer like the environment…

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Dangers of Comercial Sunscreens
by Staff writer Eddy Barillas Well that time of the year is before us once again and the need for many of us to go out and bask in the warm and refortifying rays of the sun is overwhelming at times to the point of keeping us in the... Read more