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The Healthy Power Of The Sun
Fueled by the current number of high incidents of skin cancer people overall are staying out of the sun as much as possible and drown their skin in toxic sunscreen before hitting the pool.  The media does nothing at all to help you but does everything that it can... Read more
Fun Fitness Activities to Cure and Keep Away Those Winter Blues
Have you been wondering about what you could do to stay fit during these cold winter days when you have to basically stay indoors or brave the chilling air or go to the gym?  Unless you live in Puerto Rico or Honolulu chances are you’re not getting out as... Read more
How the Sun Effects our Emotions
The weather is a particularly large indicator as to how your mood will be affected and it is important to note that our moods like the tide can be affected by the weather.   Here we will take a look at how the sun can affect our emotions and our... Read more